(2012.09) Beyondsoft ranked among Zinnov – Global Service Provider Rating Top 75 R&D Service Providers

According to Zinnov's 2012 Global Service Providers Rating report, Beyondsoft ranked among Zinnov – Global Service Provider Rating Top 75 R&D Service Providers. GSPR 2012 was done across 10 major industry verticals, Beyondsoft was listed on Consumer Software, ISV-Enterprise Software, Telecommunication and Cloud Computing industries.


About Zinnov

Zinnov is a leading management consulting firm in India with a focus on helping its customer globalize their R&D / Product Engineering activities. With more than 125 active customers and close to 350 customer engagements in the last 10 years, Zinnov has been at the forefront of evangelizing Globalization of R&D. Zinnov works with a number of fortune 1000 companies and its key customers include Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Intuit, Amazon, Paypal, Honeywell, Hitachi, BOSCH, Schneider Electric, EMC, DELL, Samsung, LG, John Deere, Continental, Daimler etc.


About Global Service Providers Rating

Global Service Providers Rating is an annual exercise at Zinnov in which they conduct a comprehensive analysis of the service provider landscape in ER&D and PES space, GSPR 2012 was done across 10 major industry verticals. Zinnov’s GSPR is a structured process and it begins with the filtered list of top 75 R&D service providers from initial list of 200+ service providers across geographies.


About Beyondsoft

Beyondsoft is a leading Asia-based IT service outsourcing company with global delivery capabilities. Beyondsoft provides services such as IT consulting, Application development and maintenance, Enterprise Application Services (EAS), and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for global clients. Headquartered in Beijing, Beyondsoft has established delivery centers in China’s major cities as well as branch offices in the US, Japan, Singapore and India.


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