Beyondsoft attends the 2004 Outsourcing World Summit

Beyondsoft attends the 2004 Outsourcing World Summit


February 23-25, 2004 .Beyondsoft will attend the 2004 Outsourcing World Summit in Lake Buena Vista, Florida on February 23-25, 2004.


The 2004 Outsourcing World Summit is in its seventh year. Attendees at the Summit will have the chance to hear from the business visionaries such as Michael F. Corbett, President & CEO, Michael F. Corbett & Associates, Ltd., John Sculley, former CEO of Pepsi Co. and Apple, Best-selling authors Oren Harari and Larraine Segil, well-known outsourcing thought-leader, Jag Dalal and a faculty of over 50 executives from American Express, PWC, EDS, McKinsey & Co., and others. They will discuss a few critical topics, like HR Future State: Reaching the Outsourcing Decision, Implementing F&A Outsourcing and Who Really Wins in Offshoring.


The 2004 Outsourcing World Summit also invites quite a few world famous executives from Avery Dennison, Bell Canada, Boston University, Campbell Soup, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Circuit City, Eaton Corporation, JP Morgan Chase, KeyBank, and P&G.


Beyondsoft will definitely meet top professionals and gain insights on the most important and innovative outsourcing relationships in the world.


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Beijing, China, March 5, 2008 / Beyondsoft Corporation ("Beyondsoft"), one of Asia's most experienced outsourcing service providers, will appear at the FT Global Outsourcing and Offshoring Conference from March 18 to 19 in New York.
Beijing, China, March 4, 2008 / Beyondsoft Corporation ("Beyondsoft"), will receive its Global Services 100 award at the 2008 Global Services Conference on March 12 in New York City.


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