Hangzhou Beyondsoft Opening Ceremony (2011.03)


Hangzhou, China, March 30, 2011 Hangzhou Beyondsoft Information Technology Co., Ltd. held its grand opening ceremony at Binjiang Intelligence Port on March 30, 2011. Attendees included Mr. Jin Zhipeng, Deputy Head of the Binjiang District High-tech Zone Standing Committee; Mr. Dong Zhimin, President and Secretary General of the Hangzhou Service Outsourcing Industry Association; Shi Hong-Lei, Secretary for Foreign Economic Trade Bureau of the Binjiang District Hangzhou High-tech Zone; Mr. Wang Bin, President and CEO of Beyondsoft; Mr. Liang Li, Executive Vice President of Beyondsoft; and Mr. Lou Xinwang, Head of Huawei Hangzhou Research Cooperation Division. Also in attendance were the department heads of the Binjiang District Hi-tech Zone, the Development and Reform Bureau, the District Finance Bureau, the District Personnel Bureau, the District Internal Revenue Service, the local Taxation Bureau, and the local Trade and Industry Bureau, as well as other local leaders of banks, the technology park, and the management of Hangzhou Beyondsoft.


Beyondsoft President and CEO Mr. Wang Bin gave a speech in which he explained the business strategy and direction of Hangzhou Beyondsoft as well as his vision of the company’s long-term prospects. Huawei Hangzhou Research Cooperation Division Mr. Lou Xinwang followed with a speech expressing his trust in Beyondsoft and expectations for the company. He also stated that Huawei will work together with customers for mutual benefit and in the pursuit of long-term, shared development. Deputy Head of the Hangzhou Binjiang District Hi-tech Zone Standing Committee, Mr. Jin Zhipeng, also delivered a speech, sharing the government's expectations and offering support for Hangzhou Beyondsoft’s development.


Following the speeches, the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon was performed by Mr. Jin, Mr. Wang, Mr. Dong, Mr. Liang, and Mr. Lou. After the ceremony, the leaders were taken on a tour of the company’s facilities.


About Beyondsoft:

Beyondsoft is a leading Asia-based IT service outsourcing company with global delivery capabilities. Beyondsoft provides services such as IT consulting, Application development and maintenance, Enterprise Application Services (EAS), and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for global clients. Headquartered in Beijing, Beyondsoft and has established delivery centers in China’s major cities as well as branch offices in the US, Japan, Singapore and India. 



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