Beyondsoft Awarded China Software Industry’s Outsourcing Service Leader for 2010 (2010.12)


December 3, 2010, Beijing, China The Cloud Computing Times’ Software Delivery Development Forum was held in Beijing’s Jingyi Hotel on December 3rd. The forum was hosted by the China Software Industry Association, Process Improvement Branch (SPI China) and co-hosted by 51CTO. At the forum, the recipient enterprises of the fourth annual China Software Productivity Ranking were announced. Among the winners was Beyondsoft, which was named the 2010 China Software Industry Outsourcing Services Leader.

The forum attracted industry experts to discuss the challenges posed by cloud computing and the appropriate adjustments required by the advent of the widespread implementation cloud computing. This was the first such opportunity for Chinese domestic experts to share their knowledge and experience on the matter.  
Beyondsoft Senior Vice President, Dr. Chen Gang, participated in talks in which distinguished guests discussed the cloud’s impact on the production of existing software. The talks covered both how to develop an accurate understanding of the concept of cloud computing as well as how to focus on exploration of application development required by customers once cloud computing has resolved certain existing challenges of IT management and resource allocation.
Dr. Chen Gang pointed out that cloud computing represents a new model for crowdsourcing on the internet, and is a new type of business model for information service. Dr. Chen Gang also delivered a speech regarding lean services in the practice of outsourcing services.

About Beyondsoft:
Beyondsoft is a leading Asia-based IT service outsourcing company with global delivery capabilities. Beyondsoft provides services such as IT consulting, Application development and maintenance, Enterprise Application Services (EAS), and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for global clients. Headquartered in Beijing, Beyondsoft and has established delivery centers in China’s major cities as well as branch offices in the US, Japan, Singapore and India.

About China Software Industry Association Process Improvement Branch:
China Software Industry Association of Systems and Software Process Improvement Branch (China System And Software Process Improvement Association, or CSPIN) is a nationwide industry group that consists of software companies, information technology departments from traditional enterprises, research institutions, education and training institutions, advisory rating agencies and other enterprises, as well as industry individual volunteers. It is the only software process improvement association officially approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Ministry of Civil Affairs.


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