Beyondsoft: A Leader in Virtualization (2010.12)

December 2, 2010, Beijing, China Virtualization is an increasingly important means of getting past the old model of running one application on one server. Virtualization allows for multiple virtual machines (VMs) to run on a single physical machine, with each VM sharing the resources of the physical computer. Different VMs can run different operating systems and applications on the same physical computer.
In the last few decades, reliance on PCs has grown exponentially for both businesses and households. Yet, the PC remains an unreliable and inefficient piece of hardware. For example utilization of individual PCs is typically around 25%. That is, at any given time, up to three quarters of a PC’s capacity is not being used. With virtualization comes a substantial increase in hardware utilization through shared use of resources. Four users accessing the same virtual machine can bring the utilization rate up to 75%, reducing waste.
The costs associated with traditional PCs are also greatly reduced. Providing each employee with a PC incurs the cost of hardware, installation, and maintenance spread over the entire staff. Virtualization eliminates many of these costs and can reduce overall costs on computing by up to 90%. 
In addition to the previously mentioned substantial increase in hardware utilization, virtualization can also provide greater safety in terms of backups and less risk of data loss, improve operational efficiency, and is greener due to the reduced waste. At this stage, however, the benefits of virtualization are not realizable by all kinds of firms. For example, the costs of implementing a virtualized system may outweigh the benefits for small companies and start-ups. Also, virtualization is not yet applicable to graphic design , as servers currently mainly use only 2D.
Beyondsoft is fully committed to virtualization and is at the cutting edge of this technology, gaining experience through both implementing its own virtualized systems and working closely with partners. Among Microsoft’s largest partners on the Windows server, Beyondsoft has developed and tested Windows virtualization software, and so has an intimate understanding of these products. Currently, 40% of Beyondsoft’s testing business unit is virtualized, with a goal to raise that to 90% by the end of 2011. Virtualization has so far realized cost savings of over 1 million RMB for the company. Beyondsoft has also developed unique software for virtual machine backup mechanisms. Called ‘warm backup’ as opposed to the traditional hot back up, this system allows for prioritization of data, which is then backed up accordingly more or less frequently, averaging a three hour period. With this acquired know-how and expertise, Beyondsoft now seeks to guide global firms through this process and realize the benefits.


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