Beyondsoft Awarded Two Prestigious HR Honors (2010.10)

October 24, 2010,Beijing, China Beyondsoft was awrded with two presitigious honors: "Best Employer in China 2010, Enterprise” and “2010 China Outstanding Professional Manager” for Chief Technology Officer Roger Zhang. These two awards are regarded as the highest honors in the Human Resources Management field, and conferred by the highest industry authority. Beyondsoft’s years of devotion to human resources has yielded an accumulation of deep experience in the field, and as a result has been named Best Employer in China for three consecutive years.
The award ceremony was held during the seventh Chinese Human Resource Management Innovation Summit at the Beijing International Conference Center. The event was organized by the International Human Resource Management Association, the Organizing Committee of the China Best Employer Award, the Ministry of Human Resources, and "Occupation" magazine. Sohu Finance and China Enterprise News were among the co-sponsors.
Since its inception, Beyondsoft has always advocated "the NPC Financial and financing," a concept which emphasizes human resource management aspects of innovation and productive corporate culture. As a pioneer of this approach to management, Beyondsoft has established a excellent employer brand image. In practice, the company attaches importance to the growth of individual employees, committed to providing an open, equal, and opportunity-rich working environment, with training at all levels and comprehensive career guidance. Regular surveys are distributed to determine and understand specific staff needs and to improve employee satisfaction. Incentives are also given for outstanding staff performance including bonuses and paid holidays.  In addition, athletic activities are held each May and October to both encourage both teamwork and the concept of comprehensive health.
As group co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Roger Zhang has 18 years of industry experience the IT field. Before serving as CTO, he served as Beyondsoft Executive Vice President, responsible for a variety of IT services tailored to meet customer demand. He fully utilized his excellent management skills in this role, winning wide recognition among customers and successfully establishing the company’s first offshore delivery centers. At Beyonsoft’s United States location, Zhang introduced advanced human resource management theory, methods and techniques. This was to have a positive effect on the development and strategy of the entire enterprise, establishing a good brand image for employees and stands as one of Zhang’s greatest contributions to the firm.

These awards reflect the assessment of leading experts and human resources field and the majority of media professionals in China toward Beyondsoft’s long-term strategic development, management, excellent leadership skills, corporate human resources management, as well as the recognition of Roger Zhang’s influence on the industry.


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