Beyondsoft Ranks Among IDC’s Top 10 China-based Offshore Software Development Providers (2010.08)

August 31, 2010, Beijing, China In its latest report, International Data Corporation (IDC) has ranked Beyondsoft, a leading Asia-based IT outsourcing service provider, among the top ten of China’s software development suppliers, according to 2009 revenues. Beyondsoft also made a strong showing as one of the top ten offshore outsourcing service providers for the European and American markets.
The study, China–based Offshore Software Development 2010–2014 Forecast and Analysis, is optimistic about China’s offshore IT outsourcing field, pointing out that the China-based offshore software development market has become number two in the world, with total industry revenues in 2009 of 2.76 billion USD (a 14.7% increase over 2008), and a market share of 34.1% (over 2008’s 0.7%). According to Paul Li of IDC, this trend is expected to hold steady over the next five years.
About Beyondsoft:
Beyondsoft is a leading Asia-based IT service outsourcing company with global delivery capabilities. Beyondsoft provides services such as IT consulting, Application development and maintenance, Enterprise Application Services (EAS), and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for global clients.
Beyondsoft is headquartered in Beijing and has established delivery centers in China’s major cities as well as branch offices in the US, Japan, Singapore and India. Beyondsoft’s global delivery capabilities, as well as flexible use of on-site services, onshore services, and multi-level offshore delivery centers, allow Beyondsoft to deliver on a global scale with low cost and high-quality service. The delivery centers around the world make it possible for Beyondsoft to share its industry domain knowledge and mature process management with global clients. Beyondsoft has also obtained the ISO 27001 certificate, confirming that security standards within the company strictly comply with world security standards.
About IDC:
IDC (International Data Corporation) is a global IT, telecommunications and consumer technology consultant and service provider. For 46 years, professionals have sought analysis and advice from IDC for trends in technological development and professional market opportunities in over 110 countries. IDC employs more than 1000 analysts globally, ensuring globalized, regionalized and localized professional perspectives.
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