Beyondsoft Achieves CMMI5 Level 5 Certification (2010.06)

On June 1st, 2010, just as Beyondsoft celebrated the 15th anniversary of its founding, the company also received the good news of its successful passing of the CMMI5 appraisal. Beyondsoft became one of the few Chinese domestic companies to pass the CMMI5 level, marking Beyondsoft’s project management capability as having been optimized to achieve the desired continuous process maturity level. This implies that Beyondsoft possesses the capability to consistently deliver higher quality services within budget and on time.
In order to promote the company’s long-term healthy development as well as enhance international competiveness, Beyondsoft has from its founding designated long-term development goals. In 2004, Beyondsoft began at the CMMI2 level, and over the past six years has been devoted to continuing project management improvement: in 2006, the CMMI3 appraisal was passed, and in 2008 CMMI5 Class B appraisal was passed. Today, Beyondsoft stands among the world’s leading software companies that have earned CMMI5 level qualification. This is a great affirmation of the company’s standardization of software development management, again showing Beyondsoft’s leading position in China’s software industry.
In passing the CMMI5 appraisal, Beyondsoft has reached an important milestone in the software and service outsourcing field. Not only is this a new starting point for Beyondsoft to innovatively provide high-quality solutions and services for both domestic and international companies, but it also displays China’s software industry’s continued maturity.
Beyondsoft Brief Intro:
Beyondsoft is Asia’s leading IT service outsourcing company with global delivery capabilities. Beyondsoft provides services such as IT consulting, Application development and maintenance, Enterprise application services, and BPO (Business  process outsourcing) for global clients.
Beyondsoft’s headquarters is located in Beijing, and has established delivery centers in China’s major cities (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Chengdu, Tianjin, Wuhan), as well as branch offices in the US, Japan, Singapore and India. Beyondsoft’s global delivery capabilities, as well as flexible use of on-site services, onshore services, and multi-level offshore delivery centers allow Beyondsoft to deliver on a global scale with low cost and high-quality service.  These delivery centers around the world make it possible for Beyondsoft to share its industry domain knowledge and mature process management with global clients. Beyondsoft has also obtained the ISO 27001 certificate, indicating that security standards within the company strictly comply with world security standards. Beyondsoft is a Top 10 China’s Leading Service Provider awarded by CCIIP (China Council for International Investment Promotion), as well as an IDC top 10 offshore software development vendor in China.
CMMI Brief Introduction:
CMMI stands for Capability Maturity Model Integration, and is the capability maturity level of the integration model. It was developed by the US Department of Defense, Carnegie-Melon University, and the Association of American Defense Industry Research & Development. CMMI consists of 5 levels, not only signifying product quality certification, but more importantly management of the software development process as a means to improve quality and reduce the cost of enterprise management.
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