(2011.10) Beyondsoft Listed Again as one of the "Best Employers in China 2011"



Beyondsoft was once again listed as one of the Best Employers in China for 2011, as the list was unveiled last October 22 at the Beijing Conference Center. This is the fourth time in a row Beyondsoft was bestowed with this honor. Beyondsoft’s Vice President, Mr. Han Chao, was also listed as one of ‘China's Entrepreneurs Most Concerned about Employee’s Development’.


The award reflects that Beyondsoft’s long-term HR development strategy, outstanding management leadership, enterprise HRM, and employer brand management are highly appraised and fully recognized by HR experts, scholars and the press.  Likewise, over the recent years, Mr. Han Chao, Beyondsoft’s Vice President, has had great contributions to the company’s good employer brand image, attracting and retaining talents, high employee satisfaction, and harmonious labor-capital relationship. He introduced new HRM theories, methods, and techniques to continuously improve and optimize HRM processes. Moreover, he treasured and strengthened the construction of an HRM maturity model. All of these played important roles in Beyondsoft’s over-all development, strategy formulation, and brand recognition.


A number of awards were given at the ceremony including ‘Best Employers’, ‘Entrepreneurs Most Concerned about Employee’s Development’, ‘Outstanding Managers’, ‘Top 20 Employer Brands with Largest Scale’, and ‘Top 20 Employer Brands with Strongest Profitability’ of the year.


The event was organized by the International Association for Human Resources Management, the School of Labor Economics of Capital University of Economics and Business, and the Council of Employer Brand Annual Conference in China. It was co-hosted by ENTERPRISE magazine, OCCUPATION magazine, CHINA BRAND magazine, English Glasgow University CRMP, the China Association for Labor Studies, the Employer Work Department of the China Enterprise Confederation (CEC), and business.sohu.com.



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