Beyondsoft Wins No.1 Competitive Brand in the China Software Outsourcing Industry (June, 2008)

Beijing, China, June 12, 2008. In the  2nd China Competitive Enterprises Brand Investigation organized by China News Agency, Beyondsoft Corporation hit each index including the brand competitiveness index, market share, and client satisfaction to win the "No.1 Competitive Brand in China Software Outsourcing Industry" award. 


As a China leading software outsourcing company, Beyondsoft attaches importance to brand development and maintenance by strengthening its brand image and advocating the establishment of a high-grade China outsourcing brand.  After over 13 years of examination and consolidation, Beyondsoft has built an upstanding brand image in China and internationally through its client satisfaction, outstanding management team, fast-response service group, and diligent and steadfast working culture. The awards attest to Beyondsoft's brand value and inspires confidence. It's also a catalyst for China's outsourcing industry's brand strategy. 

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