Chao Han - Senior Vice President and Board Secretary

Chao Han - Senior Vice President and Board Secretary

Mr. Han is the Senior Vice President and Board Secretary of Beyondsoft, mainly responsible for the Securities Affairs, Strategic Investment, Enterprise University and Branch Management.

During his tenure at Beyondsoft starting from 2004, Mr. Han held the roles of Performance Manager, President Assistant, Director of Human Resources, and Vice President. Mr. Han witnessed the company's IPO, led non-public offering of stock, corporate bonds and other projects, also led a number of participation, holding, acquisitions. He promoted asset stripping and selling, led the establishment of industrial investment funds. Mr. Han maintains good communication relations with professional institutions, investors and the media, timely and accurate delivery corporate strategies and news to the market. In information disclosure, Beyondsoft has repeatedly won A Level in Shenzhen Stock Exchange Information Disclosure Evaluation—the highest grade, Mr. Han also repeatedly won the title of New Fortune’s Top Board Secretary.

Prior to serving as Secretary of the Board, Mr. Han made tremendous contributions to consolidating professional human resource management and to the career development of employees. Beyondsoft was recognized as Best Employer and Mr. Han won the title of Employee-Focused Entrepreneur. Mr. Han currently serves as an enterprise tutor of MBA program at Beijing Institute of Technology.

Prior to joining Beyondsoft, Mr. Han was a government officer. In this role, he demonstrated his outstanding competency for organization, team management, and communication.

Mr. Han holds a Bachelor’s of Law from Harbin Engineering University and an MBA from Yanshan University.

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