Beyondsoft Expands Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing Analytics Services with Acquisition of Piraeus Consulting

Piraeus Acquisition

Beyondsoft is happy to announce its partnership with Piraeus Consulting.

For businesses, data determines what direction a company is or should be headed in. Data gives companies the ability to identify and capture market opportunities. Understanding data and making data actionable are the secrets that help companies to be successful.

Beyondsoft is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Piraeus Consulting, a leading management consulting and business intelligence firm, headquartered in Seattle. Piraeus Consulting was founded in 2006 with the vision to help companies transform data into actionable business intelligence to improve the bottom line. The company provides high-end IT and business management consulting services including project management, business intelligence, data analysis and data modeling, cloud computing, digital marketing, and sales channels performance analysis.

Joining forces with Piraeus deepens our business intelligence and digital marketing analytics services capabilities. It also allows us to further enhance our digital and interactive marketing services. This in turn greatly benefits our more than 450 customers worldwide. Together, Beyondsoft and Piraeus can help clients create more innovative products, help them to better engage with customers, and find more efficient ways of running their business.

Beyondsoft’s digital marketing portfolio currently comprises interactive digital strategy, e-commerce strategy and services, content services, architecture and development, web and cloud operations, marketing and web analytics and interactive portfolio management. Through this acquisition, our clients will get access to a global network of IT consultants and developers that are renowned for helping companies thrive with innovative technology.


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