In mid-November, Beyondsoft achieved the designation of Adobe Analytics Specialized Partner in the Americas at the Community level. Specialized Partners are known as the “best of the best” in the Adobe Partner ecosystem, and have proven their capabilities through rigorous certification testing. While over 400 Adobe Partners are certified at the Community level, only 17 of them have achieved Specialized Partner status, which reflects a high degree of quality and consistency in delivering successful customer implementations.

To be granted Specialized Partner status, 12 individuals from Beyondsoft’s Marketing Analytics Team had to be certified. They include an architect, three developers, six business practitioners, and two sales specialists. Though the team works intensively with Adobe Analytics on a daily basis, the tests were challenging, designed specifically for skilled Adobe Analytics practitioners with real-world experience on the product rather than those who may just have basic familiarity.

The testing process required dedication and teamwork; instead of taking multiple training classes, the team used a self-teaching approach. The most experienced team members took the test first, one at a time. Then, after they had taken their test, each member contributed to a pool of testing information that grew over the weeks of the testing process. This method allowed later test takers to benefit from the knowledge of those who tested earlier.

With this new designation in place, the team’s exceptional ability to deliver solid Adobe Analytics solutions for customers hasn’t changed; but we’re pleased to have validated our position as one of the best in the industry at implementing, utilizing, and leveraging the application. Specifically, Beyondsoft’s Adobe Analytics service helps our customers in two ways:

  1. Enabling them to understand what data they have, what data they should have, and what data should be collected, as well as when data is collected, and how it’s organized.
  2. Giving them the skill set to tell a powerful story with their data to drive insights and shape the digital experience.

These tools support our clients in understanding how their customers are interacting with them online, which channels they prefer, which offers they respond to, and other valuable insights that drive additional marketing efforts and elevate competitive advantage.

Beyondsoft and the Marketing Analytics Team are proud of this accomplishment, and we look forward to continuing to deliver best-in-class solutions for our present and future clients.

How can Beyondsoft help you drive insights within your organization?