If you’re familiar with the world of Power BI, you know that visualizing data across time can be difficult, especially if you’re looking to display that data to generate reports or provide visuals for clients. A new calendar solution, created by Beyondsoft Senior Solutions Architect, Manny Merino, not only helps you organize and visualize daily data, but allows you to assign custom colors, creating a sort of “heat map” to view the results in a calendar format.

The Challenge

While working with Power BI, Manny discovered that there were no built-in visuals to display data in a calendar month layout. A search for custom visuals in the Microsoft Office Store also provided no useful results.

The Solution

Manny’s answer was to build a Data-Driven Document (D3) calendar visual from scratch and implement it as a Power BI custom visual using Microsoft’s Power BI Visual Tools (pbiviz). This allowed a heat map-like view of a calendar month for end users to view a color-coded data value (measure) across the days of the month.

The Results

The Beyondsoft Calendar visual provides a single-month calendar layout which allows you to better visualize your data for each day of the selected month. It supports one date field, one measure field, and any number of tooltip fields. It offers many customization features ranging from basic formatting options like font size and color, to more advanced features such as divergent data color scales, data labels, tooltips, and selection interaction. The result is a dynamic, data-driven calendar that can have custom colors assigned to days, which helps visualize measured data across time.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. The Beyondsoft Calendar debuted in the Microsoft Office Store on July 17, 2017 and is already being highly rated by users and has been featured in the official Microsoft Power BI Blog – Power BI Desktop August Feature Summary post. The post includes a YouTube video that demos the calendar and has currently collected more than 22,000 views.

The development and success of the calendar has helped elevate Beyondsoft’s status in the BI community, shedding light on the innovation and creativity Beyondsoft employees provide. Potential customers can see the results for themselves and engage with Beyondsoft to fulfill not only their immediate Power BI needs, but assist with any number of solutions we can help create and deploy.

The open source code and support for the Beyondsoft Calendar is available at GitHub: