Microsoft Inspire is where industry experts come together to forge new partnerships, share ideas, and grow our businesses. That’s why Beyondsoft will be there, and we hope you will be too. Connect with our team of experts as we share our innovative solutions around predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud migration, mixed reality, and mobile test automation. With our knowledge, experience, and expertise we help transform our customers’ businesses in this rapidly expanding digital economy. Please visit our booth (#1538) to learn more about these offerings:

Beyondsoft Advanced Predictive Experience: Our predictive analytics Software-as-a-Service built on the Azure cloud is an all-in-one solution that automates data ingestion, normalization, data storage, machine learning, and dynamic data results visualization. Our predictive analytics enabled Business Intelligence applications to provide future insights across a wide variety of business verticals: from recommendation engines to targeted marketing, automated customer support to optimization and efficiency planning, and workforce planning to fraud detection.

Beyondsoft Artificial Intelligence (BAI) Ops: This efficient DevOps automation tool for businesses helps resolve a high volume of false alerts, and reduce manual processing for finding root causes and rework rate. BAI Ops tracks root causes from multiple data sources, provides analysis to understand key relationships to detect and fix errors, and drives automation to achieve operational productivity. The solution is highly customizable with flexible adaptors to integrate with existing systems. Our customers who rely on BAI Ops gain cost savings in maintenance and repairs.

Cloud Migration: We support our customers’ cloud journeys, both on-premises-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud, reducing capital expenditures while delivering secure, scalable, high performance services and solutions on the cloud platform that best meets their needs. As a customer prepares for a migration effort, our cloud consulting team uses a repeatable engagement framework to lead them through a thorough Cloud-ready Assessment process consisting of an Architectural Review, a Security Review, a Performance Analysis, and a Cost Benefit Analysis. We use the findings from each phase to generate recommendations customers can use to make informed, strategic decisions before we touch a single workload. Our delivery engineers execute the migration roadmap generated during the Assessment phase, leveraging best-of-breed tools and technologies for the migration itself, and laying the proper foundation for ongoing monitoring and analytics, which are necessary to empower customers to effectively govern cloud security, compliance, and costs.

Beyondsoft Mixed Reality (MR) + Design, MR + Smart Building and MR + Smart City Planning apps: MR + Design enables customers to experience interior design in 3D, and provide feedback visually in real time to tighten the feedback loop. Designers can create a cohesive look that represents each customer’s style and needs. MR + Smart Building makes 3D building information management more interactive, addresses issues that arise on the fly, and provides seamless control over building management, security and energy systems. MR Smart City Planning brings a brand-new experience for government officials to develop city planning in 3D. We deploy drones to draw 3D city maps, monitor city and human traffic, air quality, and other city data. City planning teams can also create a digital copy of current city status, make changes and visualize the future digital city.

Beyondsoft Devicepass: This innovative device management and testing solution brings your traditional device lab to the cloud and into your favorite browser with cutting-edge technologies:

1. End-to-end mobile automation solutions including most mainstream mobile automation frameworks, like Appium and Calabash, and a built-in, scriptless record and playback engine
2. AI-enabled app crawler smart enough to detect UI changes, for defect detection and test automation script enhancement
3. Enhanced manual testing support – control multiple devices in your browser simultaneously, or use the sync-on feature to clone manual operations across devices and advanced screenshots, or for diagnostic info management
4. Built-in CI/CD support with a Jenkins plug-in, REST API, and CLI

Devicepass provides many additional features that target your enterprise needs, including test project management, multiple tenant support, granular device utilization reports, role-based permission control, etc. Over time you’ll achieve better app quality in shorter release cycles with huge cost savings.

Beyondsoft’s presentation schedule at booth #1538

When you visit us, we’ll share how we’re transforming business models to drive digital success.

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