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Manual & Repetitive Processes Slow You Down

How do you handle the storms of live site alerts every day, including the false ones?  As you diligently try to resolve every issue that pops up, it is undeniably difficult to sort through the logs of various systems to find the root cause of a problem. 

Besides not knowing the root cause of the problem, messy and unorganized data prohibits you from having a full view of what is happening in your operations.  Without clean inclusive data, you are restricted in your ability to have in-depth reporting and analysis.  Operations teams are forced to be reactive and fight fires without all of the information. 

The ramification is that  problems keep happening.  And you fight fires again and again.

Our clients want a custom solution to help their teams operate intelligently, stop repetitive manual work and processes, and drastically improve efficiency

Visualize "Smarter, Faster & Higher ROI"

Beyondsoft developed an intelligent operations platform that combines decades of  experience in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.   This platform enables your team to reliably provide a high quality support to the end customer.

BIOPS is designed to automate operations and maintenance of your service desk or call center.  Ultimately, it is a prescriptive AI solution that handles problems before they happen to mitigate risks and maximize the efficiency and productivity.  BIOPS leverages Machine Learning to generate a data model to process real-time data, that will quickly identify and resolve the real underlying issues.

Through process automation, you are able to scale your operations without adding additional headcount.  In your end-to-end monitoring process, BIOPs will: 

  • Classify alerts
  • Reduces noises – identify and eliminate false and duplicate alerts
  • Reveal root causes
  • Recommend solutions
  • Take automatic actions
  • Implement predictive maintenance

Efficient Operations

Reduce issue identification times while increasing the reliability of alerts using existing data

Auto Issue Resolution

Seamlessly transition from issue identification to alert resolution through process automation

Evolving Intelligence

Generate more effective reporting and continuously refine identification and resolution methods

Alert Association Analysis

Reduce alert noises by finding relationships among alerts

Intelligent Anomaly Detection

Create dynamic thresholds to reduce maintenance cost and detect unknown problems

KPI Forecasting

Enable accurate planning and take proactive actions to improve performance and customer satisfaction

Predictive Maintenance

Ensure service quality and develop elastic staffing to match resources to changing work volume

IoT & Edge Computing

Implement real-time detection and processing of environmental events

Fraud Prevention

Thwart fraudulent calls and DoS/DDoS attacks through machine learning

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