Beyondsoft Service Desk team increases call center monitoring coverage by 100% without adding headcount


Microsoft’s Customer Service and Support (CSS) business runs 100+ call centers around the world in 40 languages for their consumer products. These include some of Microsoft’s most well-known brands such as Windows, Office, Surface, and Xbox.


The client needed a full command over its call center monitoring ecosystem. It was monitoring 50% of the calls, with mostly repetitive and manual processes. The client sought to implement intelligent service desk operations through automated solutions.


Beyondsoft¬†quickly scaled the¬†client’s¬†operation by¬†customizing and deploying¬†the Beyondsoft Intelligent Operations Platform (BIOPS). Within months, the global coverage map saw a significant growth.¬†The client¬†more than doubled¬†its monitoring capacity to include all 350¬†queues¬†of consumer calls, representing a 100% coverage,¬†and reduced the incident response time,¬†all¬†without¬†adding¬†headcount.

As an¬†artificial¬†intelligence/machine¬†learning solution, BIOPS fulfilled the¬†client’s¬†need to eliminate manual processes and embrace automated¬†monitoring, issue detection, and alerts.¬†In addition, the client¬†also¬†automated¬†ticket escalation, call-to-action, and root cause analysis.

Beyondsoft’s¬†managed service also provided the client additional business resiliency through geographic¬†diversification by operating in China, India, and Costa Rica. The offshore teams monitored¬†the support calls around the clock and across all geographies The client¬†gained total¬†visibility¬†of¬†the¬†entire¬†operations, which was¬†critical to the ever-increasing demand for¬†omni-channel support.¬†

Ultimately, the call center operations became more efficient and intelligent, able to identify issues early to reduce call volume and accelerate issue resolution, potentially even fixing issues before consumers notice them.