A message from the CEO

To our community,  

Since the beginning of this pandemic, Anti-Asian hate crimes have increased by 1900% in the United States. There have been nearly 3000 reports of Anti-Asian hate incidents reported to date, with more than 7% of these incidents targeted toward the most vulnerable – elderly Asians – as the victims.  

As a global company with employees from various ethnicities and backgrounds, we will not stand quietly by while there continues to be this uprising in violence towards Asians or any other diverse group. Let there be no doubt that we will not tolerate any form of racism at Beyondsoft and we stand firmly to denounce all forms of racism and prejudice to all people. As we have said before, being treated with respect, dignity, and compassion is a fundamental right, not a privilege. To see continued violence, emerge against minorities is profoundly upsetting, and we vehemently stand against it.  

Our leadership team strives to create an environment that celebrates our differences, not one that divides us; an environment that creates and fosters appreciation of the values, skills, and diversity of everyone. Beyondsoft will continue to work towards overcoming racial bias and demonstrating an equally inclusive workplace.  

As we work to get back to normal after an unprecedented year with Covid-19, riots, demonstrations of hatred, and anger, we would like to encourage all our BCI employees to reach out to one another with a show kindness and support for our co-workers, neighbors, and communities.  

Stay safe and be kind. We are better together.  


Marshall Ma, Beyondsoft CEO