In our latest webinar, Beyondsoft partnered up with Bahwan Cybertek, an IT product and & services firm, with solutions customized for the energy industry.

They have in-depth knowledge of fossil fuel, renewable energy, and solar power and offer IP-led products and cognitive solutions for oil and gas. One of their leading solutions is Cuecent RETINA, an integrated analytics platform with powerful capabilities to collect, validate, and process data from multiple data sources. Cuecent RETINA provides multi-parameter predictive modeling, using advanced statistical methods, AI techniques, evolutionary algorithms, and constraint optimization tools.

In this webinar Jayesh Menon, our Senior Director of Business Solutions & Partnership, teams up with B Sivarama Krishnan (BSK), the Chief Architect at Bahwan Cybertek, to give us a full rundown on what Cuecent RETINA is and how businesses can thrive with it. 

Let’s Jump In: 

3:10 – Business Challenges 

BSK covers some of the business challenges that a company might they have. He goes over various questions that stakeholders might have for RETINA. 

5:50 – Introduction to Cuecent RETINA 

Here BSK gives a full overview of what Cuecent: RETINA is, he highlights the process RETINA goes through to give businesses the best possible results. 

8:30 – Industries & Solutions 

BSK goes over different industries that RETINA helps. From oil to power to and minerals, they’ve made a solution for each and effectively improved results.  

15:22 – Use Case for Oil & Gas 

There first use case of RETINA is for an Exploration and Production company in Oman. The company was unable to minimize the use of non-productive time. The solution was to use real time data mining which resulted in a 7.2% reduction of non-productive time. 

18:45 – Use Case for Power Generation 

A leading Power Generation company located in the US was having issues with its condenser high back pressure. RETINA was able to look at the root of the cause and analyze the data. This allowed them to implement a model to monitor the behavior, so that they could anticipate and avoid future problems.  

24:36 – Use Case for Renewable Energy 

This wind energy company had issues getting real-time data and reporting within their portfolio. The solution was to integrate a central monitoring system for all the data. The client is now able to get an overview of what’s going on within the company. 

35:08 – Business Challenges Answered 

BSK starts wrapping up by going over what each stakeholder can expect from RETINA, getting the results needed to be successful. 

40:51 – Q&A 

At the end of his presentation BSK answers audience questions. Be sure to pay attention, as there might be a question you might have too. 

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