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Meet Sam Posner

We are back for July’s Employee Spotlight. This month we are featuring Sam Posner, a member of our Worldwide Learning team. 

Marketing: How long have you been with Beyondsoft? What does your role entail? 

Sam: I have been working with Beyondsoft on various projects since 2015 and joined my current engagement in early 2020 after a brief time away. In my role, I have the pleasure of leading a global operations team in Worldwide Learning to schedule classes for our client’s end customers. 

Marketing: What do you like most about your job? 

Sam: Three things excite me the most about my job: the impact we have, the interesting problems we get to solve, and the folks I get to work with. We schedule anywhere from 500 – 1,000 classes for our client in any given month, and each of those classes can have anywhere from 20 – 2,000 learners present, which leads to our work impacting over 1 million people per year. Given that volume, there are always new and challenging problems we need to solve, which keeps the work interesting and engaging. Of course, I couldn’t do it all without the incredible people I get to work with, so I’m very grateful to have them around (both at Beyondsoft and our client).

Marketing: What’s one of the most valuable things you’ve learned throughout your career? 

Sam: Don’t sweat the small stuff, especially if it’s not something within your control. Countless small things will not go the way you want them to in any given job, and taking the time to worry about all of them could very quickly negatively impact your mood and productivity. 

Marketing: What are three words that best describe you, and why? 

Sam: The first word I’d say is intentional, as I try to make sure that everything I do has a purpose behind it. Next is driven, as I am always trying to be and do better than yesterday for those around me. Finally, the last word I’d say that best describes me is reliable, as you can always count on me to get the job done. 

Marketing: What is your biggest pet peeve, and why? 

Sam: Sorry to any folks reading who do this; nail-biting is by far and away from my biggest pet peeve because of the clicking noise it makes. I don’t mind if someone does it as long as I’m not around to hear it!

Marketing: What app on your phone do you spend the most time on?

Sam: YouTube is probably my most frequently used app on any given day, as I love watching car reviews and video recipes. Two of my favorites are Throttle House for car reviews and J. Kenji Lopez Alt for cooking videos.

Marketing: What inspires you? 

Sam: The opportunity to constantly grow and improve me inspires me in my work and day-to-day life. 

Marketing: What is the one thing you can’t live without? 

Sam: In a literal and figurative sense, food would be my answer. It’s not uncommon for me to spend more time planning out restaurants to visit versus sights I want to see when traveling to new places, as I see food as one of the best ways to experience new places or cultures. Life without food would be a lot duller to me.

Marketing: What is the last gift someone gave you? 

Sam: My partner recently took me on a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm while we were nearby visiting family. It was the first time I’ve been around big crowds since the pre-COVID times, so it felt a little weird being around so many people, but it was a lot of fun to remember and experience what crowds used to look like.

Marketing: Recommendation time… Is there anything you are currently loving and want to share? This can be a podcast, book, tv show, music, activity – you name it! 

Sam: My client recommended I try watching Survivor a few months back, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s an easy watch and entertaining to see how people will interact with one another to try and win $1MM, all while having to live like they have not before. I’m currently on season 8 of 40, so we’ll see how far I make it before getting tired of it.



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