Growing Global Teams: A Best Practice Approach to Organizational Design

Align your organization to support rapid business growth

With soaring revenues and a flourishing customer base, rapid business growth can be a great problem to have. After all, who doesn’t want to see their hard work pay off with resounding financial success?

But according to a recent study, only a third of Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 fastest growing companies were still around after five years. While plenty of issues factor into this sobering reality, a major reason that growing companies collapse is uncontrolled expansion, including a failure to evolve how organizations are structured.

Operational inefficiencies, skills gaps, burnout, quality issues, and sub-par customer experiences are just a few pitfalls of failing to mature organizational models to support business growth. As staff members contend with escalating demands, business decisions are made under pressure and oftentimes and quick-fix or stop-gap measures can supersede thoughtful, strategic planning.

As a global organization that has grown from just a few employees in 1995 to more than 14,000 professionals across five continents, we’ve learned a thing or two about evolving teams to support business expansion. In this eBook, we’ll share some best practices that can help your business grow and nurture global teams.