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Why big data?

In today’s digital economy, data is an organization’s most valuable asset. Whether enhancing products, improving operations or understanding buyer behavior, monetizing that data is key to driving positive business outcomes. We help you go beyond your data to enable real-time, predictive analytics that will drive your business forward. By assessing your current analytics maturity level and creating a roadmap for execution, we can build the right objectives, deliver on execution, and evolve your organization towards an analytics center of excellence.

Our service offerings


Consulting with customers in architecting a successful data lake that is flexible enough to accept multiple data sources, volumes, and data types all while being able to scale with your business is harder.


We enable the advantage of cloud-based data lakes as compared to “legacy” big data storage by decoupling storage from compute, enabling independent scaling of each. For these requirements, object-based stores have become the de facto choice for core data lake storage in cloud architectures like AWS, Google and Azure which offer object storage technologies.


Our ConvergDB is open source software that creates and manages of serverless data lakes with a DevOps friendly workflow. Users describe the structure and behavior of their data, then ConvergDB creates the infrastructure and scripts to do the heavy lifting of optimization and transformation. We leverage cloud services such as Amazon Glue, Amazon Athena, Amazon Redshift Spectrum

We enable transition from using a single data warehousing technology, opening you up to the portfolio of analytics tools provided by AWS. AWS continues to add new analytic tools to its portfolio which can be quickly deployed in the cloud environment.


ConvergDB automatically batches large data sets which is ideal for the initial conversion of historical data and allows for better management


We design a single store architecture for all data in the enterprise ranging from raw data to transformed data managed on the top-tier cloud service providers and EON mode on AWS. The data lake infrastructure is managed in a single configuration file


With our tools and expertise, we automate the extraction source data from a JDBC compatible relational database. We analyze the ETL jobs and categorize them depending on the complexity of the jobs. We leverage a conversion tool to automate the conversion of the jobs. We continue with a focus on job design and performance tuning and ending with acceptance testing and ensure all functionalities and performance criteria are met.


We support for identification or creation real world SQL queries that test the Data Lake performance and assist in evaluating the impact to reduction in TCO.


Database-as-a-Service provides a framework within which enterprises can operate all of their databases. It provides end users (developers and application deployers) with improved agility and simplified provisioning and operation, and the flexibility to choose from amongst a number of pre-configured options established by the IT organization. Our DBaaS improves the operation of diverse database through automation and standardization allowing IT organizations to cost-effectively offer their users with a number of database choices while also ensuring that these databases are operated in a safe and secure way and in compliance with established best practices.


Through automation and standardization allowing IT organizations to cost-effectively offer users with a number of database choices while also ensuring that these databases are operated in a safe and secure way and in compliance with established best practices around the clock.


We optimize for use in AWS cloud to adapt to the demands of the user community without impact to service delivery.

As your company captures large volumes of data, you need a trusted partner to help you transform those numbers into actionable information. Beyondsoft’s team of business intelligence and ETL experts will not only help you analyze and process your data, but also enable you to identify statistical indicators to help you make better decisions. Our in-depth and cost-effective approach takes a look at your business from the top down while looking at your data from the bottom up to turn data into decisions, decisions into actions, and actions into results.

What our customers expect

Learn more about our open-source / IP acceleration tool


Beyondsoft’s BigData consulting team proposed a solution using Vertica, a columnar database on AWS.

Case Study

Global AdTech company migrates to lower costs & increased efficiency

The client needed to reduce the total cost of ownership (TOC) in license fees by eradicating costly and underperforming software. Not only did they carry high-cost renewals, the on-prem databases weren’t performing well for the business. ​

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