As your organization grows, the strain on IT departments to administer, support, and troubleshoot multiple users’ desktops can become overwhelming. Desktop virtualization, in the cloud, enables central management security of your users’ desktops and with less stress on your IT team.  As a Microsoft Managed Partner with certified Azure competency, our team worked closely with the internal teams at Microsoft on widespread scenario testing to prepare for the Windows Virtual Desktop launch. Our team has developed a solution to help you reduce costs associated with maintenance, security, and infrastructure, as well as provide access to applications from any device, allowing flexibility to your users.

  • Deploy and scale in minutes
  • Provide users a seamless client experience
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce downtime due to unforeseen events
  • Easily manage and access data
  • Quickly configure enhanced security measures


Windows Virtual Desktop delivers the only multi-session Windows 10 experience allowing users to access the fully managed, always up-to-date, Windows users experience from any end-user device platform with your choice of virtualized OS, including Windows 7.

New Container technology enables fast load times and provides a performant experience for Outlook, OneDrive, Cortana, Search, Skype. Create persistent and non-persistent environments, Virtualize entire desktop, or select applications only.

Empower Your Employees During These Unprecedented Times

As COVID-19 continues to impact people and businesses across the world, remote work has become more prevalent and important than ever. To learn more, watch the recorded webinar today!

Microsoft estimates the deployment of Windows Virtual Desktop will bring 70% savings in infrastructure, 60% savings in licensing cost, and 60% savings in labor costs. Partner with Beyondsoft now to take advantage of the flexibility, cost, and security benefits that Windows Virtual Desktop and Azure has to offer.

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