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The Vertica platform is designed for advanced analytical workloads that require near real-time performance. The relational DBMS is more than just a database, as it leverages columnar storage and a highly scalable, shared-nothing architecture, and expands data accessibility from external storage environments like Hadoop and AWS S3. Vertica empowers businesses to solve challenges with scale, performance, and capacity constraints with a platform architected from day one to handle the largest data volumes and most demanding workloads.

The Vertica platform offers proven advantages


• Enterprise or Eon (Separation of Compute & Storage) Mode

• Vertica SQL on Hadoop

Support for any cloud

• Amazon Web Services

• Microsoft Azure Cloud

• Google Cloud

• Private Cloud

Why Vertica?

The Vertica’s SQL Data Warehouse is built for today’s small to large data-driven organizations, throughout all industry verticals, looking to solve the scale and complexity of data analytics, helping deliver high-performance, high availability and ease-of-use without limitations and compromises.

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