Feel like your new shiny app isn’t getting enough testing with various mobile models? If the frustration is real, take some time and check out this webinar on our mobility testing product – DevicePulse.  Keep scrolling to find out more on what it is, why it’s better than the competition and how one airline partnered with Beyondsoft to more than double their mobile app development efficiency.


So, what is DevicePulse? 

DevicePulse is a cloud-based, end-to-end mobile testing solution that enables businesses and developers to perform manual, automated, and compatibility testing more efficiently. The platform is aligned to the latest best practices in QA and DevOps. Integrations with popular automation frameworks will allow enterprises to apply continuous testing and continuous integration, thus helping to release mobile apps faster with better quality. Also, there are at least over 2000+ devices and 400+ phone models across the globe that you can use for testing.  


But why choose DevicePulse over other testing solutions? 

Unlike other mobile app testing solutions that use emulators, DevicePulse uses real-time devices that give a better user experience.  

Something else that makes DevicePulse different is the on-premise focus of the solution. DevicePulse can enable a comprehensive, fully functional device lab within your intranet, customized to your business requirements with dedicated support to maintain it. It has a mature cloud offering as well, and clients can use both on premise and cloud together. 

DevicePulse can also build you an “All-in-One Suitcase,” catered to your exact mobile app testing needs. Yes, an actual suitcase that you can carry around with you anywhere! Included are four mobile devices and a mini Wi-Fi router, each piece individually insulated with foam interior. If you’re still unsure or curious about DevicePulse, be sure to watch at 9:40 as Jayesh will give you a demo of all the key features. 


How will this benefit business? 

Below is a case study from an Airline company that partnered with Beyondsoft to improve their mobile app development efficiency. At 23:28 Jayesh goes more in-depth about what their struggles were and how DevicePulse helped maximize their ROI. Look below at what areas improved:



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