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BeyondKognition™ is a revolutionary no-code platform that is powered by AI, NLP, and machine learning to empower your organisation to be agile, efficient, and effective. It can intelligently capture, process, and transform business data—structured, semi-structured, and unstructured.

BeyondKognition™ can help you identify and automate repeatable tasks and workflows, and assign data in multiple forms from various sources by intelligent classification and validation.

The BeyondKognition™ platform works by leveraging AI technologies to read, understand, process, and report on any type of data used within your organisation. Using intelligent character recognition (ICR), it can automate data extraction from any document, including cursive writing, graphics, and tables. Using natural language processing (NLP), the platform makes it possible for organisations to process information and execute commands without human intervention. Additionally, given BeyondKognition™ machine learning capabilities, the platform can be used to make predictions about outcomes from data and feed them into a strategic and dynamic continuous improvement system.

Intelligent virtual assistants or AI assistants built on the BeyondKognition™ platform are called AI workers who can emulate actual human behaviours, allowing them to digest information, reason, communicate, listen, and speak in order to process information quickly and accurately.

With BeyondKognition™, our consultancy team can help you identify which business processes within your organisation can be automated, where cost savings can be made, and provide you with a vision of a transformed workplace. 

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Benefits of BeyondKognition™ and how it revolutionises business


Deploy your BeyondKognition™ AI worker within your HR function to maximise process efficiencies. The AI worker can carry out smart interviews, or low human-touch, data-heavy tasks like those found in CV processing and onboarding. Or, use the AI worker for learning and development tasks to transform your HR team and free up your talent to focus on other strategic areas of the business.

By defining the specific role of your HR AI worker, these AI workers can bring automation to a number of HR aspects, including:

  • Recruitment: Interviewing, matching, scoring, and shortlisting
  • HR operations: Managing queries related to holidays, attendance, travel, complaints, and more
  • Employee satisfaction surveys: Competitions and staff surveys, onboarding surveys, performance ratings, skills matrices, and satisfaction surveys

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Case studies

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