Accelerate cloud migration and modernisation.

Discover how industry leaders use software intelligence to gain visibility into their portfolios and accelerate cloud migration and modernisation.

These days, every company is a technology company. Those who thrive employ modern technology to elevate productivity, efficiency, and sustainability and differentiate themselves from competitors. But over the years, custom application portfolios have grown increasingly complex, even before considering increased attrition and rapid change in programming languages, frameworks, and open-source software. This complexity can hinder the speed and success of cloud migration and overall modernisation efforts. Discover how industry digital leaders use software intelligence to gain visibility into their portfolios, overcome complexities, and accelerate cloud migration and modernisation.

The cloud migration analysis paralysis epidemic

Digital transformation has become a boardroom topic. Board members know that to survive, they need to migrate to the cloud and modernise legacy, monolithic applications to be able to respond to changing business needs faster and with greater agility. And while such projects appear simple enough on paper, they’re incredibly complex under the hood. Project complexity quickly escalates from obsolete, undocumented code to mounds of technical debt to complicated networks of dependencies. As these unexpected blockers pile up, it can be hard to know where to start, leading to analysis paralysis.

Software intelligence helps with rapid facts-based analysis of custom applications portfolios to support informed, vendor-agnostic cloud migration strategies. It enables the prioritisation and segmentation of applications into categories such as rehost, refactor, rearchitect, rebuild, or retire. Furthermore, it helps organisations avoid U-turns in the migration journey by understanding code patterns that could potentially block migration.

The new frontier: app modernisation

Despite significant public cloud growth, only a fraction of enterprise workloads have migrated to the cloud. Incredible value remains to be unlocked from modernizing custom, business-critical legacy applications. Challenges include a lack of documentation, a wide array of programming languages and frameworks, scarcity of skilled people who understand legacy technologies, and sheer complexity.

Of course, just as a surgeon would not undertake a complex procedure without an MRI, businesses should not embark on an app modernisation journey without visibility into their legacy applications. Software intelligence provides visibility into the cloud migration and modernisation journey, improving time to value and reducing overall risks. Software Intelligence analyses the inner workings of your application portfolio, including data and source-code components and dependencies, to generate interactive architecture maps and insights into cloud readiness and software integrity.

Beyondsoft partners with CAST, a leader in software intelligence, to provide a fact-based analysis of custom source code in your application portfolio. The analysis helps rationalize your portfolio for cloud migration, identifies blockers, surfaces opportunities for containerization and PaaS, and even identifies open-source IP risks. This information is used to define the overall migration strategy and effort, saving organizations time, money, and frustration. CAST Imaging technology reverse-engineers dependencies and automatically generates interactive maps of the software’s architecture and structural integrity to accelerate and de-risk the modernisation journey.

Transportation leader accelerates cloud migration and modernisation

A global transportation leader with hundreds of custom applications wanted to expedite their migration to the cloud and modernise core systems. Their goal was to reduce costs, increase resilience, improve the client experience, and deliver new products and services faster.

In just two weeks, CAST software intelligence gained visibility into the client’s entire application portfolio, including health, blockers for cloud PaaS, and open-source components for each application. In addition, modernisation plans were created for the near- and mid-term, identifying quick wins and opportunities to decommission or replace obsolete frameworks.

Fast-track your digital transformation with software intelligence

Cloud migration and application modernisation is a complex undertaking requiring a detailed and fact-based understanding of your complete environment. By leveraging CAST software intelligence with Beyondsoft’s expertise in migration and optimisation, you gain a much better understanding of complexities, dependencies, and priorities, so you can build a more holistic strategy.

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