Employee Spotlight

Meet Andrew Law

For our Monthly Employee Spotlight, Andrew was nominated and will be highlighted in today’s interview:


Marketing: Hi everyone we are back to bring you another Employee Spotlight. This month we’ll be highlighting Andrew Law from the Boise, Idaho office!

Andrew: Hello! It’s an honor to be highlighted this month and looking forward to letting everyone know more about me.

Marketing: We’ll first start with some basic work questions and dive into some fun ones later on. Let’s get started can you tell us a little bit about your education and background?

Andrew: I studied accounting at BYU and graduated in that field. Since then, I’ve worked mostly in data analysis and accounting management. I’ve always enjoyed reporting and systems more than accounting and bookkeeping. I’ve worked in the Oil and Gas Industry, Parking, and Manufacturing.

Marketing: Next question, how long have you been with Beyondsoft and can you tell us more about your role with BCI?

Andrew: I just started here in December, I’m enjoying it so far. Everyone is very nice and I’m learning a lot. I’m a business analyst with the HP Worldwide Jet Advantage team. I get to manage and develop databases and reports and it’s helping me refine some skillsets I’ve wanted to while utilizing the foundation I already had.

Marketing: Every day we’re always learning something new on our jobs, it’s great to pick up new skills or refine skills as you mentioned. Our next question is what inspires you?

Andrew: On a personal level, people who are kind and generous despite all they have gone through. On a business level, people who take a risk and follow through successfully and benefit the world as a result. I’ve always wanted to start some sort of business, but I’m fairly risk-averse.

Marketing: What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Andrew: I’m not sure exactly how to phrase it, but it would have to be centered around my boys. They are the greatest part of my life.

Marketing: We’ll put in a suggestion for “bring your kids to work day” :). Our next question is what is your biggest pet peeve?

Andrew: I’m a bit of a stickler for grammar and saying please and thank you. I try not to bring it up, but I definitely notice.

Marketing: We also agree that having basic manners is essential to every life. We’re going to jump back in time for a bit, what is your favorite’s ‘90s jam and why?

Andrew: Just barely missed the 90s with this one, but I love “Wherever You Will Go” by The Calling. I don’t know that I have a reason I could articulate.
Marketing: This song can definitely fit with the ‘90s theme, it just has that feel to it. If you could time travel, when in time would you go?

Andrew: If I could go back to the past, I would like to visit the romantic era. If I couldn’t go back to the past, I’d like to go into the future about twenty years from now.

Marketing: We just have one last question for you. What is one thing you cannot resist?

Andrew: I have a hard time resisting adventure when it is presented passionately.

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