Employee Spotlight

Meet Karen Hamilton

This month we got to sit down with Karen Hamilton, a senior project manager at Beyondsoft.  Here’s what she had to say … 

Marketing: Hi Karen! Congratulations on being this month’s Employee Spotlight. Let’s get started … What’s your current role here at Beyondsoft and for how long?  

Karen: I am an infrastructure project manager and have been in the position for almost three years.  I am nearing my eight year anniversary.

Marketing: Well we’ll be sure to mention your eight year anniversary in our upcoming newsletter. What is your favorite thing about working at the company?  

Karen: My coworkers!  I work with many great and smart people and I hope that they are rubbing off on me. Oh, and some of them make me laugh and laugh.

Marketing: That’s great your enjoying your time here! How has working at Beyondsoft helped you in your career development?  

Karen: I have gotten the opportunity to expand my knowledge in the areas of analytics and infrastructure. This has augmented my options as a project manager.

Marketing: Awesome! What would your coworkers say is your greatest strength and why?  

Karen: Curiosity. I like to understand what my coworkers are doing so that I can better explain that to my business units.  I ask questions and try to provide helpful feedback.  I think that this allows us to get to the heart of the matter and the real problem more quickly, saving time and effort so that we can move onto the next thing.

Marketing: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?  

Karen: I have a trip to South Africa and Zimbabwe on my bucket list.  I actually have MANY places on my list as I love to travel but this is probably the furthest away for me.

Marketing: Dont forget to take us with you! Okay so, what are three things on your bucket list that you’d like to do for 2019?  

Karen: These aren’t really “bucket list” items but rather are goals that I have for 2019. I’d like to set a new personal record for a half marathon (I have 3 chances). Take some cooking classes, I’d like to up my skills in cooking, particularly with seafood and pasta. Travel as much as possible. My must travel destinations would be: Sedona, AZ, Olympic National Park, WA, Los Olivos, CA, and Ontario, Canada are already on our list for 2019.  I hope to squeeze in some weekend camping as well.

Marketing: Looks like you love to travel – let’s try to get you some more PTO! Last question, if you were to write a book about yourself what would the title be?

Karen: Red!

Thanks Karen! Everyone else, be sure to stay tuned for February’s Employee Spotlight.

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