Beyondsoft Service Desk team increases call center monitoring coverage by 100% without adding headcount


The client needed a full command over its call center monitoring ecosystem. It was monitoring 50% of the calls, with mostly repetitive and manual processes. The client sought to implement intelligent service desk operations through automated solutions.


Beyondsoft quickly scaled the client’s operation by customizing and deploying the Beyondsoft Intelligent Operations Platform (BIOPS). Within months, the global coverage map saw a significant growth. The client more than doubled its monitoring capacity to include all 350 queues of consumer calls, representing a 100% coverage, and reduced the incident response time, all without adding headcount.

As an artificial intelligence/machine learning solution, BIOPS fulfilled the client’s need to eliminate manual processes and embrace automated monitoring, issue detection, and alerts. In addition, the client also automated ticket escalation, call-to-action, and root cause analysis.

Beyondsoft’s managed service also provided the client additional business resiliency through geographic diversification by operating in China, India, and Costa Rica. The offshore teams monitored the support calls around the clock and across all geographies The client gained total visibility of the entire operations, which was critical to the ever-increasing demand for omni-channel support. 

Ultimately, the call center operations became more efficient and intelligent, able to identify issues early to reduce call volume and accelerate issue resolution, potentially even fixing issues before consumers notice them.

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