Cost savings with Testing as a service model for international information technology firm


A multinational information technology company that have been in partnership with BeyondSoft since 1998.


The business division from the information technology firm was looking to engage a test service partner using Testing as a Service (TaaS) model to help their business:

  • Improve productivity and efficiency
    • Enhanced data collection
    • Resources management
    • Increased agility

Before Transformation

The Hardware Quality Engineering test (HWQE) was executed by multiple test vendors. The HWQE also engaged an onsite contractor at their office to manage the test execution & planning from different test partners. Besides that, the company owned all the test equirement, and conducted the test planning, logistics and defects management. This caused more cost to be incurred, and more effort needed to standardise the reporting for program team as different test partners have different tools and process.

After Transformation

Beyondsoft is the single Testing Service Provider for the  HWQE where we owned all the necessary items for Test Planning & Execution (Test Resource Management, Logistics, Samples & Media, and Test Planning & Tactical) as well as Results Reporting (Data & Results, Dashboarding, Defect Tracking & Management).

BYS has invested close to USD 2 million to setup a reliability test lab within 6 months, which is fully operational.

Currently, 95% of the HWQE can be conducted in-house in BYS. Remaining 5% are certification related and to be assigned to BYS test partner.

Beyond that, the computer company  has also streamlined their tools and processes for TaaS model. This in turn greatly optimizes their data collection for analysis by gathering the right data across various touchpoints.

Client’s Benefit

Through the TaaS model, the company  gains an estimate cost savings of approximately USD 600K. Further, by adopting this model, it also greatly improves business agility as it brings more productivity and cost-efficiency without compromising on quality. In essence, the HWQE can now focus more on quality without spending efforts and resources in defining the test planning and reporting. By translating raw data into insights across various touchpoints, it helps to provide more relevant, personalized, and agile content for customers to drive data insights.




COBOL, C, Java, Pythonなど幅広い開発言語や開発環境に対応

SAPにおけるABAP, BTP, Fioriなど幅広く対応


CMMI 5、ISO 9001、ISO 14001、ISO 20000、ISO 27001、ISO 22301、ISO 45001、TMMi5の認証

マイクロソフトの専門家であるAzure MSP