Integrated System Test Transition from Shanghai to Singapore and Malaysia within 6 months


A multinational information technology company that have been in partnership with Beyondsoft since 1998.


The company decided to shut down the test lab in China and shift their operations to Singapore and Malaysia. However, it is easier said than done as Covid-19 has posted one of the major impacts during this transition due to non-essential industries receiving stop work order from governments. Hence, Beyondsoft had to create an innovative way to perform the knowledge transition and complete the lab setup without jeopardizing the transition schedule.

In addition,  the company also required that the test lab setup must be in accordance to the same standard in Shanghai; with strict security requirements (certified test lab, isolated network etc.) and lab facilities requirement (Test Chambers, 230V electricity output  andetc.) Before the transition, the company’s  DIST (Designed Integrated System Test) was conducted in-house at Shanghai using BeyondSoft resources. The Test lab and facilities are owned by the computer company’s Chinese offices, however BeyondSoft supplied the CW (expand) headcount to them.


DIST was conducted in-house at the company’s Shanghai office using BYS resources and fully operational within 6 months of transition. This includes the following:

  • Setup functional and reliability test lab based on DIST requirement. For example, electricity upgrade to run both 110v and 230v in the test lab.
  • Coordinate with 3rd party supplier on setup of climatic walk-in chamber in the test lab.
  • Obtained canon (Canon?) certification based on the security requirement in the test lab.

Moreover, Beyondsoft had fulfilled all manpower resource requirements by filling all roles with existing talent pool plus new hires in Singapore. All training were conducted successfully via Remote Test Management initiative.

Client Benefit

The client enjoyed the benefit of consolidated and streamlined process and documentations, aside from increased efficiency by leveraging support from other Beyondsoft testing team.




COBOL, C, Java, Pythonなど幅広い開発言語や開発環境に対応

SAPにおけるABAP, BTP, Fioriなど幅広く対応


CMMI 5、ISO 9001、ISO 14001、ISO 20000、ISO 27001、ISO 22301、ISO 45001、TMMi5の認証

マイクロソフトの専門家であるAzure MSP