Leading international specialty insurance group modernizes infrastructure and database


The Tokio Marine HCC IT team challenge was twofold. First, they had to reduce Microsoft licensing costs connected to their application and database infrastructure. Second, they needed to modernize their platform to support future growth and provide instant elasticity.


After thorough consultation and evaluation with the customer, the Beyondsoft Big Data, Analytics and DevOps team engineered a complete three-part infrastructure and data migration path.

The primary business focus of each migration path was to decrease licensing overhead connected to proprietary Microsoft platforms while simultaneously improving compute density with fewer and less costly compute resources to run workloads.

  • Application Migration
    • Migration from Microsoft Windows .NET Framework and C# code to a non-proprietary Linux based .NET Core Infrastructure.
    • Migration from Microsoft ASP.NET 4.0 to ASP.NET 5.0 on Linux.NET Core.
    • AWS Secrets Manager integration to improve and secure secrets and configuration management.

  • Database Migration
    • Create AWS RDS PostgreSQL as target database.
    • Migrate Microsoft SQL Server Schema and Data to AWS RDS PostgreSQL.
    • Migrate SQL Server T-SQL Stored Procedures to target PostgreSQL Stored Procs.

  • Infrastructure
    • Develop migration path from bare metal infrastructure to AWS EKS based Kubernetes Cluster.
    • Develop and implement CI/CD pipelines to deploy Linux-based docker images to EKS-based Kubernetes Cluster.

By implementing and migrating to the AWS Managed Services stack and associated architectural advancements, the Beyondsoft team successfully delivered a scalable, truly elastic, and high performance solution that also met Tokio Marine HCC’s stringent criteria for success.

Additionally, the total cost of operation for the new solution realized a drastic, overall reduction of 70%, with a 200% improvement of application to value deployments with less human interaction.


Migrating their existing Microsoft infrastructure and associated SQL Server Database to an AWS serverless infrastructure immediately provided Tokio Marine a significant increase in overall performance with respect to application deployments and data processing. A residual, but very important benefit, of migrating to AWS is that Tokio Marine HCC is now able to use this as a foundation for future modernization projects at lower costs.

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