Reusable CDN testing and migration solution cuts workload in half while saving $70K


Our customer needed to test and validate a massive migration of more than 50,000 web pages across 250 domains from their content delivery network (CDN) to another platform. The CDN testing and migration solution had to be thorough and precise due to the sensitive nature of the content and the massive scope of the effort. Furthermore, the solution needed robust, automated reporting capabilities and be reusable for future projects.


To meet the customer’s requirements, Beyondsoft developed an automated tool to perform comparisons of link redirects, static content, HAR files, MD5, and pre- and post-migration content screenshots. The tool generates HTML reports with scores for each web page comparison. For mobile application pages, the tool uses API calls that are triggered for comparing pre-login calls. Due to the sheer volume of test candidates, the tool leverages separate docker containers for testing each pair of new and existing domains.

Additionally, to comply with the customer’s acceptance criteria, Beyondsoft delivered test strategy documentation, insights around the reusability level of the automated tool, crawler scripts and documentation around their accuracy, and proof of the tool’s ability to test multiple languages.

Implementing the CDN testing and migration solution

To ensure future reusability, Beyondsoft built a simple, straightforward, and modular process. The automated tool takes inputs in the form of new domains. It then checks for existing screenshots and HAR files. If the files don’t exist, it runs a crawler to get the files. If the files do exist, the automated tool starts the comparison process. To ensure the accuracy and quality of the results, the automated testing tool is designed to perform multiple passes. Upon completion, it generates a report with scores for each test type.

The biggest implementation challenge was ensuring the tool could handle multiple aspects of testing without failure. Today this tool can be used for any future CDN migrations. The tool is extremely versatile and can be adjusted to the specific needs of any client.

How the testing solution works
CDN testing and migration architecture

Thanks to the reusable testing and migration solution developed by Beyondsoft, our customer realized the following benefits:

  • Decreased manual workload by 50%.
  • Improved process efficiency by 75%.
  • Reduced the time required for testing from two months to just five weeks.
  • Lowered the cost from $250K to $180K.

Java, Python 3.8, Firefox 81.X, and Geckodriver v0.28.0




COBOL, C, Java, Pythonなど幅広い開発言語や開発環境に対応

SAPにおけるABAP, BTP, Fioriなど幅広く対応


CMMI 5、ISO 9001、ISO 14001、ISO 20000、ISO 27001、ISO 22301、ISO 45001、TMMi5の認証

マイクロソフトの専門家であるAzure MSP