Discover and promote your soft skills

Soft skills have received a lot of media buzz lately. Soft skills include the interpersonal and behavioral skills, habits, and attributes that you’ve developed over the years that shape how you work. They might include leadership, teamwork, flexibility, time management, empathy, or problem-solving.

Soft skills are applicable across careers and industries but can be hard to teach. Below, we’ll share tips to help you identify and promote your soft skills. If you’re looking for a new way to put those soft skills to work, we’ll also share the latest Beyondsoft career opportunities.

Discover your soft skills

You may be asking yourself, “How do I identify my soft skills?” The answer requires a bit of self-reflection. Think about the underlying character traits and habits that you apply in your current role to help you work better, whether that’s empathy, organizational skills, or the ability to perform well under pressure. Think about the traits that have helped you accomplish your objectives. Write these down. Short on ideas? Get inspiration from this list of top soft skills.

Also, consider asking your friends, family, and coworkers what they think. You might be surprised at what may surface. For example, you might not even realize that you’re adaptable or that you have superior leadership skills.

Promote your soft skills

Once you have a solid understanding of your soft skills, it’s time to promote your soft skills on your resume and LinkedIn profile. While highlighting accomplishments matters a great deal, it’s also important to tie in your soft skills.

For example, instead of stating: “Implemented software feature that increased processing speed by 30%,” tie in the soft skill that drove this accomplishment. “Leveraged creative problem-solving to identify and implement a software feature that increased processing speed by 30%.”

Put your soft skills to work

Your soft skills set you apart and define how you work with others, approach challenges, and grow within a role. Understanding your soft skills and reflecting them on your resume can help you find new opportunities and advance your career. If you’re ready to put your soft skills to work in a new role, check out the latest career opportunities at Beyondsoft.

Business Development Manager (Remote): Grow our Managed Services business, overseeing end-to-end, go-to-market strategic planning, generating business opportunities, and closing sales with new and existing enterprise accounts.

Business Development Manager (Redmond, WA): In this position, you will be responsible for business development in the North American region, developing and implementing a comprehensive business development strategy across target clients, such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Airbnb.

Hardware Technician/Hardware Lab Technician (Fremont, CA): As a member of the robotics hardware team, work with a team of researchers and engineers to assemble, test and troubleshoot robotic and automation hardware. You will also be responsible for setting up, maintaining, and managing the lab facilities.

Software Engineer (Remote): Apply your expertise with technologies such as Nodejs, React, and Go to ship new features and products, solve complex issues, and help shape a seamless customer experience.

Data Engineer (Remote): Build, implement, and maintain high functioning data pipelines to provide fraud prevention data. Responsibilities include writing SQL queries, building our model serving service, building core ML model lifecycle management systems, and improving ML data quality.

Back-end Developer (Remote): In support of the Compliance Finance team, you will design creative solutions using skills in Service Oriented Architecture, real-time systems, data processing pipelines, machine learning, graph algorithms, feature visualization, and payments technologies.

Software Engineer (Remote): Work on micro-services built on cutting-edge technologies using Nodejs, React, and Go, delivering new features and products to the Cloud Platform, creating unit and integration tests, and solving issues to support a seamless customer experience.

Sr. Technician (Boise, ID): Support the analysis and testing of the HP LaserJet family of products. Responsibilities include root cause analysis, setup and execution of specialized testing, operational tests, repairs and maintenance, hardware and firmware upgrades, and tracking of materials and shipping.

Soldering Technician (Vancouver, WA): Work independently on complex assignments, performing tests, interpreting test cases and scripts, writing defect reports, and more. This role requires strong analytical skills and the ability to read wiring diagrams, create custom cables, and solder components.




COBOL, C, Java, Pythonなど幅広い開発言語や開発環境に対応

SAPにおけるABAP, BTP, Fioriなど幅広く対応


CMMI 5、ISO 9001、ISO 14001、ISO 20000、ISO 27001、ISO 22301、ISO 45001、TMMi5の認証

マイクロソフトの専門家であるAzure MSP