Marketing claims validation: Verifying Wi-Fi capabilities

Setting your product apart in a global marketplace can be a daunting task, particularly with the proliferation of marketing claims from competing brands. To add to the challenge, marketers must tread carefully to ensure that their product claims are substantiated. Third-party marketing claims validation can help you verify your marketing claims are credible. This effort pays off by keeping your brand out of hot water—both from a legal standpoint and a reputational one. Plus, claims substantiation helps to drive brand trust with your customers.

Third-party marketing claims validation services cover countless areas such as performance testing, mobile app testing, duration testing, and durability testing. In this article, we’ll explore Beyondsoft’s Wi-Fi testing capabilities and a few examples of claims that we can validate. 

Beyondsoft Wi-Fi walk-in chamber

A walk-in chamber provides a rigorous, controlled environmental simulation to enable a multitude of scenarios such as prototype evaluation, R&D testing, and stress and reliability testing.

A Wi-Fi walk-in chamber allows technicians to isolate external electromagnetic interference and ensure normal operation of indoor electronic and electrical equipment. When it comes to measurement and testing, a shielding room is used to simulate the ideal electromagnetic environment to improve the accuracy of detection results. The chamber prevents information leakage of electronic communication equipment and ensures information security.

Key features of the Beyondsoft Wi-Fi walk-in chamber

Executive standardsBMB3-1999 (Grade C)
Magnetic field10KHz >=70dB  150KHz >= 95dB
Electric Field200KHz-50MHz >=100dB
Planewave field50MHz 1GHz >=100dB
Microwave1GHz-10Ghz >=90dB

Examples of Wi-Fi tests Beyondsoft runs

Our chamber provides an isolated environment that is clear of network noise and interference. The types of testing that can be run include signal strength and reliability, connectivity, security, and numerous related areas, su

  • Wireless throughput testing
  • Crack testing
  • Wireless stress testing
  • Air print certification and performance testing
  • Duration testing

Putting marketing claims validation in practice

The Wi-Fi testing capabilities we have in place can verify a multitude of marketing claims. To help you understand how, we’ve put together some examples of claims that can be validated.

Examples of Wi-Fi marketing claims Beyondsoft can validate

  • Our security cameras offer one of the industry’s most stable Wi-Fi connections to your router
  • Print easily from anywhere on any device over your Wi-Fi connection
  • Uninterrupted gaming with industry-leading wireless stability
  • Stay connected without a drop in performance with our Wireless Hotspot
  • Easily connect to smart devices with Wi-Fi Direct
  • Our powerful router makes it easy to control your smart home completely wirelessly

Beyondsoft marketing claims validation

Minimize risk, maximize brand trust, and make the most of your marketing dollars with Beyondsoft’s third-party marketing claims validation service. Beyondsoft operates labs all over the world, each with its own specialty, enabling fast turnaround and affordable, scalable, and localized support. Trusted by enterprise customers and Fortunate 100 companies, Beyondsoft will research and test exactly what you need and deliver clear, evidence-based findings.

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