Meet Gayle Saunders

We are back for May’s Employee Spotlight. This month we are featuring our Office Administrator out of the Bellevue office, Gayle Saunders!  Marketing: Hi Gayle! Can you tell us about your background and what you do for BCI? Gayle: I’m the (new) Office Administrator for BCI. I take care of all the supply ordering, supporting […]

Meet Nicholas Cook


For our February Employee Spotlight, Nick was nominated and will be highlighted in today’s interview: Marketing: Hi Nick! We can call you that right? Congratulations on being the February Employee Spotlight. Let’s get right in. Can you tell us a little bit about your education and background? Nick: Yeah of course! I have a Bachelor’s […]

Meet Karen Hamilton


This month we got to sit down with Karen Hamilton, a senior project manager at Beyondsoft.  Here’s what she had to say …  Marketing: Hi Karen! Congratulations on being this month’s Employee Spotlight. Let’s get started … What’s your current role here at Beyondsoft and for how long?   Karen: I am an infrastructure project manager and have been […]

Meet Sara Lu


Sara is the Business Management Analyst at the Bellevue office. She’s been with Beyondsoft since July 2018. Check out her interview below! Hey Sara! What’s your current role here at Beyondsoft? I am the Business Management Analyst at the Bellevue office. I’ve been here since July 2018 so a little over 4+ months. What has […]