Revolutionizing Insurance IT: Leading Insurer Implements Azure and Open AI landing zones with Beyondsoft

Author: Machara Rao Pappula


A prominent Property & Casualty insurance company with a vast network across multiple countries was committed to exceptional client service and comprehensive risk solutions. The growing complexity of global insurance demands, including diverse services, timelines, and locations, highlighted the need for a robust IT infrastructure to streamline operations, enhance accuracy, and adapt quickly. Traditional Click-Ops methods for managing Azure infrastructure became inefficient as the company expanded globally.


The client was in search of a partner not only with expertise in managing IT infrastructure operations, but also in development and leadership, capable of bridging the gap between Operations and Developer teams to deliver tangible results. Beyondsoft, with its proven track record in managing projects across infrastructure, DevOps, data, and software development, was selected to help complete this project. Our approach offered the right mix of expertise, positioning us uniquely to meet the client’s needs. Our comprehensive capability set us apart and enabled us to provide a best-fit solution that aligned perfectly with the client’s strategic objectives and tech stack, ensuring seamless integration and operational excellence.

To address these challenges, we recommended shifting to Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform, Azure Functions, and Azure DevOps pipelines. This approach enabled efficient, error-free deployment aligned with the company’s operational efficiency and risk management goals. The solution consisted of four phases:

  • Phase 1: We supported the existing Azure infrastructure while building reusable IaC modules for core shared network infrastructure, such as Azure VWAN, ExpressRoutes, and Azure firewalls. This foundation standardized and accelerated the deployment process.
  • Phase 2: We developed subscription vending, including core network components, access controls, security guardrails, logging, and spoke-to-hub connectivity. This streamlined network traffic and policy management.
  • Phase 3: Extended subscription vending to include Azure Open-AI infrastructure components like Azure Cognitive Search, CosmosDB, web apps, API Management (APIM), and Application Gateways, enhancing the company’s capabilities in data management and customer interaction.
  • Phase 4: Implemented FinOps reporting and cost optimization strategies, enforcing tagging with cost centers and integrating with external application management tools. Azure Open-AI provided recommendations for cost optimization.


Working with us, our client elevated their Azure Cloud Adoption Framework maturity from 65% to 85% by implementing automation via IaC. This transformation brought several benefits:

  • Reduction in Deployment Time: Landing zones with a hub-and-spoke architecture were set up in 30 minutes instead of 7 days, significantly accelerating infrastructure provisioning.
  • Enhanced Security and Governance: The project improved security and governance across systems and applications.
  • Cost Efficiency and FinOps Standards: The initiative enhanced reporting and cost efficiency according to FinOps standards, aiding in cost control and expense monitoring.
  • Advanced Uses of Azure OpenAI: The project enabled advanced uses of Azure OpenAI services, allowing our client to innovate further and optimize their operations.

We worked in partnership with our client to transform their cloud infrastructure. Our expertise in leveraging Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Azure Functions, and DevOps practices has not only streamlined our client’s operations but significantly reduced their deployment times and operational costs. They are fully equipped with the tools and processes necessary to manage their growing infrastructure needs efficiently and sustainably.

–  Sajan Varghese, Head of Banking and Insurance, Beyondsoft

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