Software giant elevates quality and capacity with Beyondsoft QA and testing services


Our client’s Digital Video & Audio, Digital Imaging, and Pro Digital Imaging product teams are responsible for the most popular Adobe software on the market, including the Premiere Pro, After Effect, Rush, Aero, Photoshop, and Lightroom, among others. Serving millions of users worldwide, the ability to reliably scale the testing of new features to guarantee stability is a top priority. Their testing and quality assurance (QA) efforts were complicated by the new release cycle changing from semiannually to monthly. New products like the Premiere Rush Mobile even began to release weekly. In addition, the Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines demanded nightly verifications.

Better and faster testing was needed to ensure quality and performance without regression issues. The client’s team of quality engineers needed help covering the staggering amount of QA and testing work efficiently and cost-effectively.


Beyondsoft was the first-ever vendor brought in by the client to support its software development. As a leading vendor of QA and testing services with delivery centers around the world, Beyondsoft quickly assembled a mixed-shore team to help our client manage its software testing and delivery processes. The QA team reported and tracked issues and maintained test cases and test plans to make sure all basic functions in the new builds were good and free of any blocking/regression issues and other critical bugs. It also provided timely responses and proactive feedback to the client to improve the products.

Because of the time difference, the offshore team integrated perfectly with the San Jose-based development team to conduct test pass against all products on a nightly basis. The Beyondsoft team played a critical role in the monthly release cycle. Since our team started supporting the client, the application crash rate has dropped significantly to an unprecedented 2%.

The client’s newly acquired QA expertise and capacity allowed it to optimize the development of its products and processes and mitigate risks, where tests and verifications are implemented more frequently and earlier in the software development life cycle. Beyondsoft also brought cross-platform device testing capability for all hardware devices including PC, laptop, tablets, and mobile phones running all varieties of operating systems.

The significant improvements in the quality and reliability of the software were evident to the users. As the result, user satisfaction saw a steady rise. One long-time Adobe user wrote, “This version of the Premiere Pro is the most stable one I’ve ever used.” Today, Beyondsoft is the client’s integral partner in enabling the fast release engineering capability through manual and automated API and component and functional testing of high priority and high visibility products.

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