Uplevel your cloud governance strategies to optimize cost and ensure compliance 

In my recent discussion with CloudNuro.ai’s Pratul Patel and Matthew Lampe, we explored the challenges and opportunities of cloud and SaaS governance. We partner with CloudNuro.ai to deliver a single-pane-of-glass view of the entire SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS landscape to prevent sprawl, identify risk, and control costs for our customers. 

While adopting cloud and SaaS-based solutions brings numerous benefits to organizations, such as cost savings, increased scalability, and enhanced flexibility, this rapid adoption can also lead to governance, visibility, and cost control challenges.

-Rohit Garg, Beyondsoft 

In this blog, I will summarize the critical challenges associated with cloud and SaaS governance – and how intelligent SaaS tools like CloudNuro, working with Beyondsoft’s experts, can help you address them.

Challenges of Cloud and SaaS Adoption

  1. SaaS Sprawl: The widespread adoption of SaaS applications can lead to sprawl, where organizations end up with more applications than they can effectively manage. This can result in excessive licensing costs, application redundancies, and shadow IT. 
  2. Unpredictable Costs: As organizations add more SaaS applications and cloud resources, costs can quickly escalate beyond initially anticipated, creating budgeting and financial challenges. 
  3. Security Risks: Unmanaged or undiscovered applications and rogue users can pose significant security risks to organizations. This includes users who should no longer have access to applications but still retain licenses and permissions. 
  4. Compliance Challenges: Maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements and organizational policies can become challenging without proper oversight and visibility into the SaaS and cloud landscape. 

Taking Control of Cloud Investments 

By offering comprehensive governance capabilities, we empower you to optimize costs, enhance security, and ensure compliance. Here are some key considerations to address the challenges of cloud and SaaS governance: 

  1. Thorough Discovery: Consider DNS, IAM, SSO applications, browser agents, and financial applications. This is a critical step for organizations to gain visibility into their entire SaaS landscape. 
  2. Lifecycle Management: Select an approach that factors complete application lifecycle management, from procurement and license management to spend analysis and security postures. Organizations need to effectively manage their SaaS portfolio from a ‘single-pane-of-glass’. 
  3. Cost Optimization: We help you optimize your SaaS and cloud spending by identifying unused licenses, redundant applications, and non-utilized resources, resulting in significant cost savings. 
  4. Security and Compliance: Assign security scores to each application and track adherence to company policies and regulatory requirements. This allows you to address security risks and ensure compliance proactively. 
  5. Employee Experience: You should aim to streamline rather than encumber the application request and approval workflow. With proper planning, it is possible to improve employee experience and productivity while also maintaining governance. 


As organizations continue to adopt cloud and SaaS-based solutions, a robust governance strategy is essential to managing the challenges that come with them. Together with partners like CloudNuro we can give you the tools to take control of your SaaS and cloud investments, optimizing costs, enhancing security, and ensuring compliance.

By embracing intelligent SaaS and cloud management platforms, you can unlock the full potential of your cloud and SaaS investments. You can watch the full recording of our discussion here.

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