Beyondsoft unveils Cloud Center of Excellence as a Service

Author: Sharon Loh

Digital transformation has evolved in recent years and cloud technology is more than an enabler in business transformation. It is a key component to drive business forward. Cloud technology powers applications, data infrastructure and AI. The next wave of digital transformation is to embrace the concept of the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) to expedite the adoption and governance of cloud solutions.

A Cloud Center of Excellence is typically a multidisciplinary team that provides leadership, best practices, standardized operational processes, as well as support and training to help you quickly address business problems with the adoption of cloud technologies.

According to Gartner research, more than 85% of organizations will adopt a cloud-first approach by 2025 and will not be able to fully execute their digital strategies without using native cloud architectures and technologies. This underscores the importance of robust adoption and governance strategies for these technologies for businesses.

“As a Service” Approach

Beyondsoft’s Cloud Center of Excellence serves as an extension of your team regardless of the stage of your cloud adoption. With CCoE you adopt cloud technologies quickly and securely to meet your business objectives. We are your ally to optimize cloud costs. CCoE is a viable alternative to those who need just-in-time expertise for a short or long-term cloud project. Our suite of Microsoft specializations validates our expertise in delivering scalable cloud projects with measurable outcomes.

‚ÄúChoosing a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) as a Service provides you with immediate access to expert guidance, speeding up the adoption and optimization of the cloud without the prolonged setup and costs associated with establishing an in-house team. By using external experts, you reduce the risks associated with costly cloud implementation errors, allowing your team to focus on their core business functions while running cloud operations efficiently,” says Alexandre Perazza, global leader of solutions and services at Beyondsoft.

The CCoE plays a crucial role in security, establishing practices and controls that ensure data and applications are protected in the cloud and complies with your internal governance, regulatory requirements, minimizing risks and promoting secure usage.

Integration with AI

The unification of generative AI into a CCoE creates a dynamic and personalized approach to cloud management. With AI-driven insights, infrastructure implementations are rigorously tailored to specific needs, ensuring efficiency and cost savings. AI’s ability to proactively generate security policies in response to evolving threats ensures robust and compliant cloud environments. Moreover, the rapid generation of ideal solution architectures and proactive problem-solving skills reduce the time between design and implementation, reducing potential disruptions and ensuring customers have a simplified and resilient cloud journey.

Here are some specific examples of how AI enhances the CCoE’s capabilities and provides real value to customers:

  • Dynamic Resource Optimization: AI can continuously monitor cloud resource usage and apply predictive analytics to optimize resource allocation based on demand. This means that you pay for what you use. This leads to significant cost savings and more efficient cloud operations.
  • Predictive Maintenance and Security: AI can detect anomalies in cloud infrastructure and data, predicting potential system failures or security breaches before they occur. By proactively identifying and addressing these issues, AI helps prevent downtime, data loss, and security incidents. This not only cuts down on downtime cost but also enhances the overall security stance.
  • Proactive Problem Solving: AI-driven insights can help CCoE teams rapidly generate ideal solution architectures and proactively address potential issues. This reduces the time between design and implementation, minimizing disruptions, and ensuring you have a smoother and more resilient cloud journey. You can benefit from solutions that are continuously refined by AI, leading to greater efficiency and innovation.
  • Compliance and Governance: AI can assist in establishing and enforcing governance standards, ensuring cloud adoption aligns with regulatory requirements. By continuously monitoring compliance and automating policy enforcement, AI minimizes risks associated with non-compliance and ensures secure usage of cloud resources.

“By integrating AI in our CCoE approach, we offer responsive, tailored services. AI-driven insights lead to efficiency, cost savings, and innovation, benefiting you and your team,” emphasizes Perazza.

With CCoE, WeVets, our customer, improved IT environments and saved up to 40% on total operation costs. WeVet adopted governance practices on financial efficiency which led to cost predictability, risk mitigation, and accurate decision-making process.  

Next steps

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