Four advantages of IT managed services you might not know about

Author: Alexandre Perazza

Keeping pace with the fast-evolving technology landscape while maintaining your applications and ensuring your systems are secure, scalable, and efficient can be daunting, particularly for organizations with limited resources. And few businesses have the budget to hire experts with every emerging skill set they require. That’s where an IT managed services provider can help.

As a strategic partner, an IT managed services provider supplies a dedicated team of professionals with specialized skills and knowledge to oversee one or more day-to-day parts of your business, such as IT operations support, application management, or a global contact center. As a result, you gain access to a pool of experts, the latest technologies, and industry-leading processes and best practices without breaking the budget. You also free up your in-house experts to focus on accelerating your business.

But did you know that there are lots of other benefits of an IT managed services provider? Below, I’ve shared some of the lesser-known advantages.

1. Work smarter with generative AI

Managed services providers that integrate generative AI into their service models can help you unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity. Generative AI can help optimize resource allocation, automate routine tasks, and improve decision-making processes. In addition, it can analyze data to identify patterns, trends, and security threats and predict potential issues and anomalies. Such insights can inform preventative measures, ultimately reducing disruptions and improving system reliability.

Furthermore, generative AI such as ChatGPT can power chatbots, using natural language processing capabilities to respond to user queries, saving time and improving customer satisfaction.

2. Improve financial predictability and accountability

With managed services, you get a clear and predictable cost structure, allowing you to budget and plan more effectively. This can be particularly valuable if your business has variable workloads or seasonal demand. Managed services providers can help your organization identify areas for cost optimization and greater efficiency to maximize your IT investment and increase ROI. Furthermore, engaging with an IT managed services provider enables you to allocate internal resources more effectively and make more targeted investments in staffing and training.

3. Strengthen security and compliance

Partnering with a reliable IT managed services provider can enhance your organization’s security measures. You gain access to a team of professionals with expertise in the latest security threats, industry standards, and best practices, which may not be available in-house. They can recommend strong security measures by deploying advanced firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and automated updates and patches. Moreover, they can use advanced monitoring tools and technologies to respond to security threats immediately and take swift action to minimize the impact and address vulnerabilities.

Additionally, a managed service provider can help you meet industry-specific compliance and regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, SOX, and HIPAA. They can help you identify gaps and areas of non-compliance and recommend and implement the necessary controls and measures your business needs to ensure compliance.  

4. Enhance business availability

Increased business availability is another advantage of partnering with a great IT managed service provider, ensuring your applications and data are available when needed. Proactive monitoring helps prevent system downtime, performance bottlenecks, and other potential issues. When issues do occur, your managed services provider can quickly diagnose and resolve issues to minimize the impact on operations. They can also perform regular maintenance and backups to enhance system availability and reliability.

Furthermore, your managed services provider can help you develop robust disaster recovery and business continuity plans and processes. They can identify gaps and issues and create backup and recovery strategies, incident response procedures, and system redundances to ensure maximum system uptime.

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