Unlock the three benefits of global delivery centers

Author: Sharon Loh

This blog is co-authored by Josh Krohn, Director Business Process Management

Achieving operational excellence, fostering agility, and gaining a competitive edge are evergreen priorities for a successful business. One proven strategy to accomplish these objectives is using global delivery centers (GDCs). As a mid-sized IT consultancy, we operate a delivery, talent, and operations network spanning 15 countries, dedicated to meeting your specific needs in operational excellence, cost efficiency, and scalability.

Access to diverse talent

Leveraging operations within a GDC fosters operational efficiency, enabling swift responses to market dynamics, optimized resource allocation, and informed decision-making. The ability to leverage a broader talent pool offers access to specialized skills and expertise, driving innovation, technology adoption, and personalized customer experiences. Our GDCs cultivate a collaborative culture, encouraging diverse perspectives and ideas to thrive.

Maximize Efficiency: Centralizing operations within a Global Delivery Center (GDC) allows for swift responses to market dynamics and optimized resource allocation.

Optimize operational costs

Beyond labor savings, utilizing GDCs reduces overhead costs associated with physical presence in high-cost locations, enhancing financial efficiency. Centralizing functions minimizes duplication of efforts, streamlining resource utilization and operational performance. This approach ensures optimal cost management and resource allocation.

Ensure continuous business support

Our GDCs are available in onshore, nearshore, mix shore, and offshore support, ensuring prompt assistance regardless of time zone differences or customer locations. With a dedicated team of professionals committed to exceptional customer service, we provide swift issue resolution, enhancing customer satisfaction and business sustainability.

Diverse Talent Pool: Access specialized skills and expertise from a broad talent pool, driving innovation, technology adoption, and personalized customer experiences.

Why partner with us for your GDC needs?

We prioritize timely project delivery, offering expertise in cloud adoption, data and AI, quality assurance and testing, DevOps, security, and business process management. Here’s why we’re your ideal partner:

Location: With presence across 15 countries, we ensure seamless coordination and support across diverse regions, addressing time zone disparities effectively.

Expertise: Our seasoned team drives business success, providing comprehensive services from consulting to implementation, and ongoing support, ensuring that your business operates at peak efficiency.

Security: Our robust infrastructure ensures reliable operations, bolstered by advanced technology for efficient task management and data security. We also recently completed our annual ISO 27001 IT Security Management audit, reaching yet another landmark in our ongoing quest to meet all our customers’ security and governance needs.

Cultural alignment. We prioritize cultural compatibility to facilitate seamless collaboration across diverse teams. We work closely with you to understand your team’s culture, establishing a feedback channel for regular updates and critical decision-making.

Key questions you should ask – and that we would be happy to answer:

  • How do global delivery centers (GDCs) ensure data privacy and security compliance, particularly due to evolving regulations and increasing cyber threats?
  • How does the global delivery center (GDC) model integrate with our existing business processes and systems?
  • What measures are in place to ensure data security and compliance with regulatory requirements when utilizing a GDC?

“We’re committed to delivering tangible value to our clients’ enterprises. Our mission is to surpass expectations by leveraging our global delivery network. We not only optimize costs but also provide access to diverse talent, uncovering invaluable business insights. From my interaction with clients, it is refreshing to hear that we understand and ‘get’ their needs by going the extra mile to help them succeed,”

Ray Keane, Managing Director, Beyondsoft Consulting Inc.,

Partner with us to unleash the full potential of global delivery centers and propel your business toward sustained success.

How we do it

Our success factors over the years are a testament to driving your return on investment. Singapore is our global head office and we have 15 regional offices around the world.

Nearly 3 decades of strong IT consulting and services

40+ global delivery networks across four continents

Certifications* in CMMI 5, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 27001

~30,000 global experts

Microsoft Azure Expert MSP

ISO 9001 and 45001 (certificates issued to Beyondsoft International (Singapore) Pte Ltd). ISO 27001 (certificates issued to Beyondsoft International (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Beyondsoft (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., and Beyondsoft Consulting Inc., Bellevue, WA, USA)