Why your globally distributed contact center depends on access to clean data

Author: Matthew Wolf

With multiple partner locations worldwide, your globally distributed contact center generates lots of data every day. This data has the potential to help you streamline operations, optimize your workforce, lower costs, boost customer satisfaction, and deliver many other benefits.

If you have access to clean data from all your partners, that is.

Unfortunately, aggregating real-time and historical data from disparate sources—often coming from legacy partner systems riddled with technical debt—can hinder your organization’s ability to leverage that data. Issues might include inaccurate or poorly formatted data or even gaps in data that should be collected but isn’t.

Organizations often work around such issues, hiring teams of individuals who manually compile available data into spreadsheets. They might spend hours cleansing this data before they even start using it. The data is not only incomplete, it’s likely old. Even still, organizations use this better-than-nothing approach to inform critical decisions around staffing, call volume, issue resolution time. It’s a risky approach that also bloats operational overhead.

Beyondsoft has worked with countless enterprise organizations and globally distributed contact centers to help them streamline operations. And we always begin with ensuring data access, cleanliness, and aggregation—itself a massive benefit.

We designed Beyondsoft Intelligent Operations Platform (BIOPs) to help organizations streamline operations and consolidate multiple data streams into a single source of truth through unified, multi-system monitoring, analytics, and workflow automation. BIOPs works with existing tools and cleans and aggregates disparate data sets into meaningful and actionable insights. It also significantly reduces manual efforts and streamlines headcount—a benefit the Microsoft Customer Service and Support business can attest to.

With more than 100 globally distributed call centers, Microsoft needed to increase call center monitoring and eliminate manual processes through automation. Beyondsoft customized and deployed the BIOPs solution to increase call monitoring from just 50% to 100%—all without adding headcount. The solution also automated monitoring, issue detection, alerts, ticket escalation, root cause analysis, and other processes.

Of course, the value of data hygiene and aggregation extends beyond the contact center. Sharing data insights with other departments such as product development and marketing can enable higher quality products and better team coordination around events such as product releases.

The first step, of course, is an assessment of your contact center’s data hygiene as well as other factors to help you gain a holistic understanding of your organization’s needs. We recommend taking this survey as a first step. To learn more about optimizing staffing levels in your contact center, check out our recent article: Improve workforce optimization in the globally distributed contact center.

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