How a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization Expedites Efficiency with Beyondsoft

A prominent Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) based in Philadelphia relied on manual workflows and legacy systems, creating significant inefficiencies and operational bottlenecks. The lack of real-time visibility into production workflows led to delays, increased costs, and inconsistent product quality. Teams struggled to maintain high standards as demand increased. Leadership recognized the need for a comprehensive Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to digitize and optimize their processes but faced the challenge of selecting the right vendor and ensuring a smooth implementation.

To tackle these operational inefficiencies, the CDMO partnered with Beyondsoft. Renowned for our expertise in IT infrastructure operations, development, and leadership, we were selected as the ally for this mission. Our approach began with evaluating various vendors offering MES platforms, ultimately selecting a platform tailored to Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT). This solution digitized manual processes and provided near real-time visibility into production workflows, directly addressing the CDMO’s pain points.

Phase 1: User Training and Support

We started by identifying key power users and providing them with extensive training while supporting existing manual processes. This approach ensured a smooth transition without disrupting ongoing operations and gave them confidence in using the new platform.

Phase 2: Data Migration and Training

The next phase involved migrating all necessary data to the new MES platform and training all frontline employees and managers within three months. We established documentation and feedback channels to monitor progress and introduced security enhancements to safeguard digital assets.

The collaboration between the CDMO and Beyondsoft yielded remarkable results: 

  • Increased Productivity: Implementing the MES platform resulted in a 20% increase in productivity by streamlining manufacturing operations and reducing bottlenecks. 
  • Cost Reduction: Operational costs were cut by 15% due to the digitization of manual workflows and the elimination of underused or duplicate applications. 
  • Enhanced Product Quality: Real-time and near real-time visibility into production workflows improved product quality and consistency, aligning with the CDMO’s high standards. 
  • Employee Satisfaction: Employees embraced the change, as the MES implementation simplified workflows and reduced errors, leading to higher satisfaction levels. 

“Our strong alignment with the client ensured our efforts delivered tangible results that were in sync with their strategic goals. We delivered a successful MES implementation that reduced operations costs by 15% and improved productivity by 20%.” 

-Ajay Dixit, Business Group Head – Healthcare, Life Sciences & Digital Interactive, Beyondsoft 

Choosing the right IT partner can significantly enhance pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and drive innovation. Our engagement framework, tailored for the pharmaceutical industry, offers an iterative and flexible approach that unlocks productive workflows to meet stringent regulatory and operational goals. Our deep domain expertise in pharma manufacturing ensures seamless digital transformation, from project scoping and technology stack selection to avoiding common pitfalls. 

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