Marketing claims validation: Mobile testing

It’s never been more challenging to stand out in the global marketplace where countless product and brand claims compete for customer attention. And while positive reviews can help build trust and tip the scales in your favor, there’s one often-overlooked strategy that can differentiate your brand, elevate trust, and reduce risk: third-party marketing claims validation.

Marketing claims validation from a trusted third-party provider such as Beyondsoft delivers rigorous, unbiased testing and competitive research to assess the accuracy of marketing and advertising claims. As part of our service, Beyondsoft delivers comprehensive evidence to help you verify or refine marketing claims, build trust and credibility with customers, and reduce potential legal and reputational risks of unverified statements.

Third-party marketing claims validation services cover countless areas such as performance, duration, and durability. In fact, we recently shared how Beyondsoft’s Wi-Fi testing capabilities can help brands validate claims around wireless stability, Wi-Fi printing, and performance. In this article, explore the breadth of mobile testing capabilities Beyondsoft offers and some examples of marketing claims that we can validate.

Beyondsoft mobile testing

Beyondsoft provides customized testing services to verify mobile app functionality, performance, compatibility, and localization. Beyondsoft tailors mobile test plans and services to meet your specific needs. Test areas include:

  • Functionality: Feature traversal
  • Performance: UI response across different platforms such as Android and iOS
  • Compatibility: Test various brands, models, and device versions
  • Localization: Screen layout checking and basic feature tests in all supported languages

Putting marketing claims validation into practice

The mobile testing capabilities we have in place can verify a multitude of marketing claims. Here are just a few examples of claims that can be validated:

  • Streamlined experience across all mobile platforms
  • Universal deployment reduces IT expenses during enterprise rollouts
  • Best-in-class mobile interface for ease of use
  • Market-leading accessibility features
  • Experience seamless handoff among mobile devices

Beyondsoft marketing claims validation

Minimize risk, maximize brand trust, and make the most of your marketing dollars with third-party marketing claims validation. Beyondsoft operates labs all over the world, each with its own specialty, enabling fast turnaround and affordable, scalable, and localized support. Trusted by enterprise customers and Fortune 100 companies, Beyondsoft will research and test exactly what you need and deliver clear, evidence-based findings.

To learn more about our services, reach out today.