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Trust matters. Build credibility with your customers. 

Today’s customers are more educated than ever and wary of self-reported advertising claims. To capture their trust and business in a saturated global marketplace, brands must accurately demonstrate how their own offerings stand apart from competitors’.  

Differentiate your offerings, earn customer trust, and increase brand credibility with help from Beyondsoft’s Marketing Claims Validation Program. Our global experts perform rigorous, unbiased testing and competitive research to assess the accuracy of marketing and advertising claims. We then deliver comprehensive evidence to help you verify or refine marketing claims, build trust and credibility with your customers, and reduce potential legal and reputational risks of unverified statements. 

Comprehensive competitive research: Our global research professionals conduct comprehensive studies of competing products to assess the accuracy of marketing and advertising statements around cost, dimensions, and other attributes that do not require testing.  

Hardware and software testing: With labs located around the world, our in-house technologists take a rigorous, best-practice approach to test products ranging from mobile phone and computer apps to user interfaces to digital imaging hardware and more.   

Evidence-based report: Get a concise, third-party report that includes evidence-based findings that you can share with potential customers. If a claim cannot be validated, get precise feedback and recommendations to help you revise marketing statements and make future product improvements. Our experts also review the data with you to ensure all your questions are answered.  

Benefits of third-party marketing claims validation 

Drive customer trust, brand credibility, and ultimately, increased sales, with marketing statements verified as accurate by a third party.

Maximize your marketing dollars and differentiate your product with verifiably accurate claims.

Beyondsoft has facilities worldwide, enabling fast turnaround times and access to more than 300 experts across the globe. You’ll also get truly localized support. 

Whether you’re a large manufacturer or a niche software provider, we’ll work with you to design a custom solution that scales your needs and budget. 

Beyondsoft will research and test exactly what you’re looking for and deliver clear, concise finders tailored to your specific needs. 

Beyondsoft is trusted by enterprise customers and Fortune 100 companies worldwide.

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