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Meet Erin Larsen

We are back again with our Employee Spotlight. Each month, we choose a Beyondsoft employee and ask them questions about their role in the company, as well as a few “just for fun” questions, so our readers get the chance to learn more about the awesome people who make up our team. This month, we are featuring our Lead Technical Recruiter, Erin Larsen!


Marketing: Hi, Erin, thanks for taking the time to join us for this interview. Let’s get this started, can you tell us a little bit about your education and background?

Erin: This is no problem at all! I received my BA in Business Communications and Spanish from WSU – Go Cougs! I also had the amazing opportunity to study abroad at the Universidad de Guadalajara.

Marketing: That’s awesome. You must have been able to try all the fantastic food there. Our next question would be, why did you want to work in recruiting?

Erin: I have always enjoyed helping people; I can help candidates meet their goals and change their lives; it is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job for me.

Marketing: Our recruiters are the backbone of our company and recruiting exceptional talent for Beyondsoft. What’s one of the most valuable things you’ve learned through your career?

Erin: To never stop learning. It gives you courage and confidence. The more knowledgeable you are, the more comfortable you feel.

Marketing: This can also be applied to our future employees and applicants that wish to join us at our company. What’s your favorite part about recruiting employees for Beyondsoft?

Erin: Other than offering someone a position, I enjoy telling them about why I like working at Beyondsoft.

Marketing: We do have a lot of amazing people here at Beyondsoft. Our company has people from all types of backgrounds putting their expertise together to create a positive company culture. What advice would you give to a job applicant?

Erin: To be confident in your abilities and to know your worth

Marketing: With lots of competition throughout tech companies, this is excellent advice to help propel individuals that are either looking to get into the workforce and wanting to move up. What is something that would surprise people about the recruiting process?

Erin: On average, only 8% of candidates that view a job posting will apply.

Marketing: That’s an interesting fact; we’d assume almost 50% + of viewers would apply for a particular job that they looked at. But we do have to take into account that applicants’ resumes should align with the requirements of the position. Let’s stop talking about work and move on to a more upbeat section of the interview. We’ve been in quarantine for so long now, what is the first thing you plan on doing?

Erin: Go to Target and shop till I drop – haha!

Marketing: I think you’re not alone there, nowadays it seems like Target doesn’t have as much good stuff lately. Throughout your life, what accomplishment are you most proud of?

Erin: My kids – being a mother is the greatest gift I was given.

Marketing: To all the mothers out there, you’re OUR greatest gift! Thanks for talking with us today, Erin!

We’d like to thank Erin for doing this interview with us and to our readers to stay tuned for our next month’s Employee Spotlight!

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