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Our customer manages infrastructures distributed across more than 200 owned and leased data centers around the world. Our customer decided to explore opportunities to integrate autonomous device technologies into the sites to help their centralized team better scale global facilities operations.

The autonomous navigation and sensing platforms are designed to perform routine tasks such as facilitating video conferencing between onsite technicians and remote engineers, enabling equipment inspections from anywhere, monitoring safety hazards, and tracking site conditions such as temperature and humidity. These devices have the potential to free up engineers’ time and reduce the need to travel, driving productivity and efficiency to help the organization scale faster than ever.

But deploying, supporting, and advancing the autonomous devices takes time and highly specialized skillsets. Diverting engineers away from core responsibilities was not an option. Furthermore, building and training a team and developing the internal infrastructure would take too long and cost too much.

To get their autonomous program off the ground, they needed comprehensive support from a managed service partner they could trust—and they needed it quickly.


Based on our reputation as a high-quality service provider, this global technology provider knew they could rely on Beyondsoft to accelerate their business objectives. They turned to our Managed Services team for end-to-end services, including quality assurance, field support, 24×7 support, and ongoing design and development.

Beyondsoft tapped its vast global network to quickly identify and hand-select three dedicated teams comprised of industry experts with complementary skill sets and certifications, relevant experience, and best-practice knowledge.

Deployment & Ongoing Support

The Deployment & Ongoing Support team boasts competencies across both hardware and software and the experience needed to configure, deploy, and support the solution. Within three months of coming online, the team had established high-quality deployment and support processes. Within less than a year, the team had deployed multiple devices to the field.

The team manages all the deployment requirements on behalf of the program and ongoing operations, including the application of new updates. They configure each device and ensure that it functions as expected in its specific location. If a hardware or software issue arises, the team responds rapidly to troubleshoot and correct the issue. Because the team is closely integrated with the customer, collaboration is efficient, and any issues are handled swiftly.

Additionally, this team oversees comprehensive user training to ensure onsite facility technicians and the customer’s engineers understand how to fully leverage the solution capabilities.

Quality Assurance (QA) & Testing

Like the Deployment & Support team, the QA & Testing team ramped up rapidly. Within a few months, the team had established a standardized infrastructure and was operating at full capacity. They even put together a process to expedite the remote onboarding of new team members.

The QA & Testing team accelerated results and feedback to fast-track a streamlined, three-phase project implementation. In the first phase, the team tested basic components to deploy the devices to the field quickly. In the second phase, they validated new features and modifications. Today, they are supporting the third phase, which focuses on performance optimizations.

Design & Development

To continue evolving the platform, the customer engaged with Beyondsoft to establish a dedicated team to perform ongoing design and development services, including software coding and user experience design and development. It took Beyondsoft just a few months to assemble a team of highly skilled professionals.

Within a few months, the Design & Development team had already added multiple new features requested by
the customer. The team fortified user security and privacy. They created a new interface to enable users to use the device remotely. The team even converted products into the customer’s design systems to provide a more cohesive and intuitive user experience. The team is currently working to build a development user interface and deployment work flows to streamline product set up and deployment.

“Based on the good quality of service we have received, we are extending our relationship for longer-term collaboration and have expanded our partnership into a variety of areas. We are delighted to recognize Beyondsoft’s capabilities at the system level to support our growth, both in engineering and in-field practices.” — Customer feedback


  • Core business growth: Beyondsoft freed up the customer’s internal resources to prioritize their core business.
  • Faster time to value: Beyondsoft scaled the program cost-effectively, accelerating time to value for the customer.
  • Expanded agility & productivity: The customer can now quickly expand their autonomous device program’s scope and capabilities, driving greater efficiencies and augmenting the value of their engineers’ services.
  • Fast response times: Tight collaboration with the customer reduces complexity and ensures rapid response and turnaround times.
  • High-quality support: Because each team of industry experts is embedded within the customer’s organization, they feel a sense of pride and deliver their best work.
  • Enhanced quality practices: Beyondsoft best practices have empowered the customer to formalize their own development structure and increase the level of quality within their organization.
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