4 tactics to fuel a growth mindset and expand your potential

Do you believe intelligence, talent, and other personal attributes are innate, fixed qualities? Or can hard work plus an appetite for learning improve performance?

How you answer these questions marks the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset—a distinction that can influence the trajectory of your career. To summarize, a growth mindset is the conviction that one’s talent, skills, and intelligence can be increased through time and effort. A fixed mindset is the belief that such attributes are innate and cannot be changed.

Put the power of a growth mindset in your corner with these four tactics. Ready to exercise your growth mindset in a new role? Check out the latest career opportunities at Beyondsoft, listed below.

1. Embrace the power of yet

Just because you don’t learn something quickly doesn’t mean it can’t be learned. In fact, mastering a new skill can be a struggle, requiring persistent effort and resilience. A person with a fixed mindset might say, “I don’t know that,” and give up. But a person with a growth mindset will say, “I don’t know that…yet,” and press on, believing in their ability to learn. That’s the power of yet.

2. Challenge yourself to reach beyond your limits

When you hit the breaking point of your personal limits, your mindset determines whether you push harder or give up. Learning to view challenges as opportunities to grow rather than roadblocks is essential to expanding your potential. Personal growth requires pushing past your comfort zone regularly. Seek out challenges that expose you to the risk of failure, and realize that if you never fail, you’re probably not challenging yourself. In fact, some of the world’s most successful people use failure as a springboard to success.

3. Become a lifetime learner

Fuel a growth mindset by integrating learning into your lifestyle. Start with your goals and go from there. Interested in taking on a more challenging role or making a career shift? Look at the skills required for the job you want and create a plan. Talk to your manager about training opportunities or stretch projects. Find and take an online course in your spare time. You can even dive into a side project.

And let’s not forget about books. Turns out that 85% of successful people read at least two educational books every month. In fact, Bill Gates reads a book every week.

4. Be open to feedback

Growth-oriented individuals embrace feedback and criticism. While those with a fixed mindset might get defensive, those with a growth mindset use feedback and criticism to learn and grow their skills.

Don’t wait to get feedback: actively seek it out. Use feedback from credible sources like your manager, colleagues, even your customers to help you make improvements. Then, apply the information you’ve gained to cultivate and refine the skills and qualities you desire.

Fueling a growth mindset can help you achieve your goals and excel in your career. If you’re ready to put that growth mindset to work, check out the latest career opportunities at Beyondsoft.

Explore career opportunities at Beyondsoft

Account Manager (Bellevue, WA): Aggressively grow and manage our Microsoft business by generating opportunities, closing sales, and building relationships with key stakeholders. You’ll be focused on managed and outsourced services, service desk, data analytics, and artificial intelligence/machine learning.

Account Manager, Onshore Accounts (Bellevue, WA): Develop client business relationships and focus on the development and delivery of a broad range of IT products and services, working hand-in-hand with the delivery team to ensure quality and timely execution.           

Account Executive, Service Desk (Bellevue, WA): Use a consultative sales approach to understand the needs and process pains of the customer and work with Beyondsoft business leaders to craft winning proposals for long-term, value-add solutions.

Sr. Chief of Staff / Director of Operations (Bellevue, WA): Are you a creative, results-driven professional passionate about organizational effectiveness and building a diverse and inclusive team culture? In this role, you’ll lead the US operations team, fulfilling responsibilities that range from defining strategic direction to ensuring strategic execution.  

Project Manager, Regulatory Compliance (Remote): Obtain international regulatory certifications for products in areas of EMC, Radio & Safety Compliance to enable product launches in international markets. Track, manage, and interpret changes in international EMC, Radio & Safety Regulatory Compliance standards.

Sr. Technician (Boise, ID): Work with our client to support analysis and testing of the HP LaserJet family of products. In this role, you’ll support the engineering group with root cause analysis, setup and execution of specialized testing, operational tests, repairs and maintenance, hardware/firmware upgrades, and more. 

Sr. Implementation Analyst, Marketing Analytics (Remote): Play a key role in producing business-analytics tracking technologies in the digital marketing field. You’ll work with high-profile clients as well as vendors to define, document, and test the necessary data-collection and tag-management steps required to support site user engagement activity insights. 

Back-End Engineer (Freemont, CA): Develop and deploy full-stack solutions with our robotics and industrial automation client. You’ll be responsible for maintaining the automation back-end solution, auto-recovery systems, and test-automation solutions. You’ll also perform field solution deployment, operations, and reporting. 

DevOps Engineer (Plano, TX): In this fast-paced role, you’ll design, develop, and operationalize CI/CD solutions. You’ll administer Linux services in AWS, monitor performance, define best practices, automate advanced build and scripting deployments, and perform troubleshooting. 

Test Engineer, RF (Redmond, WA): Support the compliance team through RF regulatory compliance testing of ITE products by preparing, conducting, and recording tests such as conducted emissions, radiated emissions, radiated immunity, and more.

Test Engineer, RF (Redmond, WA: As a member of a skilled team of compliance professionals, you’ll perform regulatory testing on ITE products, support EMC regulatory testing, plus record data and work with compliance engineers to fulfill testing needs for proprietary devices.

Quality Assurance Analyst (Boise, ID): Join a collaborative team focused on a warranty cost reduction for the OPS printer business. In this role, you’ll evaluate case data for support interventions and provide insights into product issue trends.

Back-end Developer (Bellevue, WA): Help develop a world-class payment platform. You’ll develop creative solutions using skills in Service Oriented Architecture, real-time systems, data processing pipelines, machine learning, graph algorithms, and more.

Program Manager (Remote): Partner with clients to support business objectives in an efficient yet consensus-building fashion. You will be accountable for successfully managing and delivering multiple, simultaneous projects, from discovery and design through delivery and completion.

Senior Project Manager (Remote): Are you an experienced and innovative thought leader with demonstrated knowledge in strategy, communication, sales, and delivery? Join a high-performing group achieving significant impact. In this position, you’ll lead, develop, and land key business programs and support our clients in successfully delivering their technology initiatives.

Senior UX Designer (Fremont, CA): Join our engineering robotics team and support one of our top clients. In this position, you will focus on research and validation of product design concepts and design simple and elegant interfaces to support the team’s internal products.

Manufacturing Tech (Corvallis, OR): Complete manufacturing assignments in a clean-room environment under limited supervision. Responsibilities include processing manufacturing jobs using automated tools and visual quality control inspections. 

Mobile Software Automation Engineer (San Diego, CA): Analyze, plan, and implement test automation standards and strategies onsite at a high-profile, technical client location. This role requires automation experience and a strong understanding of PYTHON and Jenkins.

Printer Test Technician 2 (Vancouver, WA): Determine the functionality of mechanical or computer equipment and ensure instruments are calibrated and verified on a regular basis. You’ll also work with engineers in the testing, debugging, and troubleshooting of new and existing equipment and products.

Printer Test Technician 3 (Vancouver, WA): Put your strong analytical skills to work maintaining and troubleshooting equipment and systems. This position requires electro-mechanical experience and safety certifications, plus familiarity with all the activities of technicians 1 and 2.

Printer Test Technician 4 (Vancouver, WA): In this role, you’ll read and interpret mechanical drawings, schematics, printouts, specifications, and test procedures and perform ad hoc and exploratory testing and defect characterization. This role requires strong analytical skills and a familiarity with all the activities of technicians 1-3.

Solder Technician 4 (Vancouver, WA): Perform testing tasks requiring strong analytical skills and interpretation of test cases and scripts, plus work on complex assignments with minimal supervision. Familiarity with all the activities of technicians 1-3 is required along with strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills.

Client Partner, Engineering Services (Redmond, WA): Establish new accounts and grow existing accounts within assigned territories, working closely with solution consulting and delivery. You will be responsible for account strategy planning, generating business opportunities, and closing sales with new and existing enterprise clients.

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